You are Life

Within every cell of your body is energy. Formless energy. The energy of the universe is within you. God is the universe. God is within you. You must love yourself if ever you want the energy of life to flow positively in your direction. Positive to positive. And if you think miracles are a fanciful notion – you are a miracle. The first miracle in your journey begins with you.

Our mind is an energy center. We have energy centers throughout our body. They’re either open and flowing, or narrow and constricted. If you question what I’m saying, close your eyes, and repeat slowly after me: Life is good to me. I love life. Life loves me.

At the moment, depending upon the life that sits before you, and the opinions you’ve engrained within your psyche, these words may seem outlandish. Remain quiet, don’t work to prove the validity of the words; just repeat them. Something within you will shift ever so slightly – this is the beginning.

These words contain soft energy. Depending upon how tight and hard-set your ingrained belief system, over time this soft energy will open and release the portal within. Positive to positive; the energy now flows. In time you become an allowing portal. Hardened commandments, steely determination and fist-shaking willpower are all fear-based energies. Although they can still wiggle through and bring about change, they will never impact your life in the same powerful way as the soft energies of love, acceptance and belief. You have not once had to command your heart to beat, and yet it does. The miracle that began with you, did not end upon your birth. It began upon your birth, and each day thereafter. Even when you are convinced you have no value, the energy of All That Is says differently, and ensures that you take another inhalation. When in doubt, when you are fooled into the belief that you are powerless. Remember the miraculous power of your very existence. You can be removed from this planet in a heart beat. Proof positive of your purpose, and the universe working with you, is the fact that you are here. Go with that. Release yourself into that. Your heart beats, your eyes blink, you exhale. You are the energy of the universe. You are God in action.

Your thoughts are seeds. Your energy is the sun. Sometimes seeds are planted into hardened ground. The seed will grow, but not so easily. So soften your ground. Give the seed time to grow. Doubt is a forceful heel that pushes the seed deeper into the soil. So lighten your steps. If the universe had the ability to deliver unto this earth you, it has the ability to deliver the rest. But it requires of you to be open, and it requires of you to believe. You can not predict when the blossom will arrive. You are merely required to believe that it will.

So say to yourself today: I am worthy. I know this because I am here. I am love. I know this because I am here. I have purpose. I am success. I am life. I know this because I am here. I wouldn’t be here otherwise. This, my friend, softens the ground. Now plant good seeds. Smile when you look within. Love God. Love Life. Love You. They are all one.


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