Reach the Sky and Dream

Bristol Circus

Bristol Circus

As I sit here tonight with my wine glass less full than it was before, and my mind settling into a serene rhythm, I’m allowing myself to dream. Everything that is once started as a dream. They are more than the blueprints of future realities, they are fresh air to the soul. So I say, dream the untethered dream.

Even within the quiet spaces of our mind, the place where no other eyes can see, we feel obligated to honor our physical reality. As if God will condemn us if we step away from the life we normally live. But God sees not just the life we live with mechanical movements, this omniscient force sees even the dreams we dare to dream.

For a dream to form within our mind, the thinking place that uses logic, knowledge and past experiences as its guide, it was first formed in a deeper place; the place that knows no bounds; the place that whispers softly all we dare not say. It is the place within us that flies with wings stretched wide. Only when those same desires enter our mind do we fly into the cage of our own making; tying our dream down with tethered limitations. Fear has no place within one’s dreaming mind. So I say, leave fear and guilt behind.

No one can see inside your mind. So when you find yourself slowly beginning to smile with a newly emerging dream of wild delight, allow it to stretch beyond the familiarity. Take down the walls that normal keep you tightly confined. Be all that you want to be; for a moment cut the chord, and dream.

At first this may feel like a guilty pleasure. Especially when one’s life lies in contrast to the dream. Even dreams that start out exaggerated hold a morsel of newly born reality. It all starts with a dream. Sometimes the dream rests in bright contrast to the life we are living. Don’t damn the contrast of what is. Just know the dream is the first step toward shaping what’s to become. This is the way of life. The contrast is not evidence of failure, it’s knowledge that needed to be experienced. Don’t tie down the dream. Once you do, it ceases to be a dream.

Close your eyes or fixate blindly upon one point and see the life you want to see. Go there. Be there. Feel that place as if it were real. Sometimes this means recognizing we are standing on the precipice of major change. Sometimes this means we are two moves away from stepping into the dream formed years prior. Either way, there is a reason why we can dream. It is how we evolve as spiritual beings. So tonight let us all dream with wild abandon. Let us dream boldly. Let us fly up into the far reaches of our imagination and dream the untethered dream.







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