First Steps

First Steps

Today is a monumental day for me. Not that it looks different to those passing by. But today, I’ve been given clearance to cut the last cord to a past I’ve outgrown. Some strings cut easily, some with pain. This one is a mixture of both.

And yet I know this painful process is the birthing of my future. However we phrase it, whether beginning a new chapter, cutting the ties that bind or unshackling ourselves, it all translates the same: We must let go of the old, if ever to experience the new. Although on a spiritual level I bid my past goodbye years ago, we live in a physical world that demands contracts, formalities and other earthly obligations. Today, I was given the key that unlocks them all.

Its been a painstakingly arduous four and a half year journey towards obtaining this key. I should be rejoicing and yet, I’m not. Not yet. I will. Even though I know this key, in many ways, sets me free, it’s a peculiar thing when one is finally allowed to fly from the cage. The human mind can find comfort in the familiarity of even the most uncomfortable of places.

The truth of life however, is that for us to experience anything new we must step into uncharted territory. It’s a must. If we’ve already been there then it is known, not new. I feel that it is due to this that many of us refrain from letting go of the old; the old we know, the new we do not. It’s exhilarating and yet unsettling heading into the unknown, because we can’t quite see what lies ahead. It’s also difficult to let go of those things that pained us. If we let go of anger, we fear it means we approve of the actions taken against us. If we let go of the hurt and disappointment, we fear it means we don’t deserve better. And if we let go of even the cage that is two times too small, we fear we’ll never again feel at home. But fear should never be what determines our fate. And we would be wise to see fear for what it is; the ego’s attempt to hold us in place. Don’t damn the fear. Acknowledge it. Use it as a gauge; the gauge that reveals you’ve outgrown your surroundings. Growth can only be found by extending ourselves beyond what is. Without extension we can’t grow.

Tonight I plan to sit with a friend, and over a nice full-bodied bottle of red, I will look back fondly on my equally full-bodied past. But I will also look toward the future with a faith-filled, tender eye. This is the beginning of the last half of my life. So whether for the first time you are stepping onto the stage before watchful eyes, or looking into the eyes of a new love; whether you are walking through the doors of a new career, or turning the page of what is the next chapter of your life – don’t fear. It’s where you need to be. With that truth as our guide, let’s pack our bag and step happily and confidently forward. And when we do, may we free our hands from the old, and embrace the new.



12 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. The Rented Home

    Here is to your future, may it be everything you want it to be and more.

    Since I discovered you, your words are resonating in what I am contemplating and then fear sets in. I am trying to face my fears so that I can create my dream life.

    Best wishes for you and I look forward to reading more.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Cheers. Here’s to both our new futures. And as for that fear, when it sets in just remember that its only the feelings of the straps tightening as you stretch your boundaries. Everything I have accomplished thus far, fear told me I could not and should not do. I am so glad I used that fear to propel me, not constrain me. We can do this. Much love ~ S.

  2. grovewithin

    It seems I am always drawn to your words. I made a decision to turn the page, it is hard and I have to remind myself every morning of why I made that decision in the first place. Again, I love your writings!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I can’t say for sure why it is we have such trepidation when turning the page, other than we aren’t sure what those next few chapters hold. But I firmly believe if we feel nudged to do so, then we must. There is something we must let go, and there is something new for us to embrace. Whatever it is, its necessary. Our soul knows we won’t be nudged unless already strong enough to handle what lies ahead. Thank you for your kindness. Much love ~ S.

  3. katalina4

    I raise a glass of full-bodied red to you. Congratulations on your open positive attitude to the future, to balance, to the adventures on the road ahead. Cheers!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you so much, my friend. Anything about the future that may frighten me does so only because it is unknown. And yet, that’s where the best things in life begin. So yes, cheers! ~ S.


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