Balancing Act

All aspects of one’s being are necessary. You have a mind. You have a soul. However, when one operates independently from the other, imbalance follows. What if the only reason we are here, is to find and maintain balance within.

I feel there’s more to life than that though, and yet I know within every particle of my being that we can not evolve unless we have first found such balance. A plane cannot take flight if off kilter, a house can not stand for long if tilted. It’s not so different for our being. The world is heavily populated with those that have allowed themselves to become heavily dependent upon one side of themselves; evidenced by the torment, frustration, and discontent visible everywhere we look. But this discord is not our normal state of being, it is a signal that we’ve lost our inner alignment. Internal dissonance is a sign that we must realign and adjust. Without realizing it, we compartmentalized the human experience. Our spirit is allowed to roam free during what we consider spiritual moments in life. During other times our mind is the ringleader; the orchestrator of our daily fate. And yet one can not operate effectively without the other.

At first glance one might feel a strong mind is all that is required in this physical realm. I don’t believe that to be so. Nor do I feel we should sit in quite spiritual contemplation all day. The two were made to intermingle. When one is forced continually into action absent the other, it becomes hypersensitive; the mind can become irrational; the heart and soul can become over emotional. Each offers its own perspective that was meant to be blended before action is taken.

The mind is a beautiful thing, unless it’s made to be the sole motivator and processor of life. And thus the same is true of the soul. Both have their own limitations. The mind holds a much smaller, limited view of the world; as it should. It is there to facilitate the minutia of the physical world. Among many other things, it helps us to remember to set the alarm, empty the dryer and pay the bills. The soul operates on a different plane. It is what connects us to All That Is. It is the first line in our never-ending evolving. And as much as the mind seems droll and boring when it comes to its spiritual role in life. It’s not. The mind is what allows us to process with delight grass quickly turning green in Spring. It is what silently articulates the many colors that sit at the center of our lover’s eyes or their tender words expressed over a shared pillow. The mind is a magnificent processor. But it should never be forced to operate alone. Once overtaxed it spins wildly out of control; as with anything made to do a job not meant for one. The soul too becomes empty if not infused with the mind’s singular perspective. Once these two forces come together, the world never again looks the same.

In this world we are all one. We falter when we forget that truth. We also fall out of balance when we forget that we’re innately connected to All That Is. So too, it is with you – your soul and your mind are meant to operate as a whole. Place one foot firmly upon both, and balance.



5 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. fredphillips

    Terrific post. A few years ago while in Korea, I visited a Buddhist temple. While I truly enjoyed the experience, I realized that I would not want to live my life shut away from the world. While quiet reflection.has its time and place, I want to experience as much of what life has to offer as possible 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you! And I agree with you completely. I think most of us are meant to live a life filled with both. After having stewed with frustration as to the plot line for book #3 in my Dainty Delaney series, I’m going to go sit in the sun for awhile and try NOT to think about. Of course, that is when the thoughts arrive. We can’t force either side of ourself. When we do, they begin to balk. Have a great day ~ S.

      1. SaneSamantha Post author

        Ha! Sometimes I question if I put more time into hunting down – just the right – photo versus writing the darn post! lol Glad you noticed 🙂 Best to you ~ S.

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