A Better Lens

You are beautiful. But seeing this beauty depends upon the lens one uses. Sadly, when viewing one’s self we reach first for the lens that shows us in the harshest of lights. Even those who look with fondness upon a struggling wild flower or gangly duckling, switch and turn a critical eye when looking upon themselves. Never smart enough. Never beautiful enough. Never good enough. And yet, you are all three and so much more.

Do not choose your lens based upon the opinions of others or based upon your past. Anyone who judges you is struggling to accept themselves. Never is this not the case. And as for your past, it’s just that – the past. It happened. Its done. The universe presented you with choices, you chose what you did. If you chose well, so be it; you’ve now moved on. If not, then you’ll be reliving that choice again, soon enough. But always, you were human in your decision making. And humans choose wrong as part of their growth. Also, it is what gives us the wherewithal to one day choose right. It’s the process. And we’re all going through it.

And while going through the process its best to remember – we are all one. And we are all fallible. When it was written so long ago for to judge not, lest ye be judged, it was meant as more than moral instruction or religious etiquette. The larger meaning is that by judging others you also judge you. As you are they. And they are you. We are all one. So throw away the lens of critical analysis the next time you see someone begging or someone faltering under the weight of the human experience. Because you also have struggled. And if you look upon them with judgement, most likely within this lifetime, or the next, you will be made to work out that side of yourself that is not yet evolved.

Instead try to appreciate their hard journey. Maybe somewhere along their many lives they were the one who looked down upon others. It isn’t for you to explain or approve of their journey. You are here to complete your own. And part of that journey is to see the universe that lives within them, and you. Just as the stars that fill the nighttime sky have a beauty all their own, so do you. Once you see it, the world will too. Our beliefs are always reflected back upon ourselves. So see with compassion. See with patience.

Even in your weakest moments you are, by nature, divine. Live this lifetime knowing your beauty. Know your worth. And never let a day pass by that you look again upon yourself with a critical eye. God does not make imperfection. And God made you. So sit back and ponder the fact that your not so bad, after all.



4 thoughts on “A Better Lens

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you. And you are so very correct. Not only does the judgement we cast reflect what we are already doing inward, it erodes us a bit further with each cast. Best to you ~ S.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      That makes me so pleased to know that it came to you at just the right time. I want to believe there is something that makes that so. You are very welcome ~ S.


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