Perhaps it’s because my work is more cerebral than anything else, or perhaps it’s because my soul tends to dabble in the depths of introspection; but I need to have fun – and plenty of it.

I feel all of us do. If it wasn’t a necessary thing then we wouldn’t seek it out, we wouldn’t create it, nor would the human body have the ability to laugh until it cried. The human form, was designed to purge pensive energy; crying being one of the main ways. And we do this by either laughing or releasing ourselves to sadness. However we arrive there, hormones are released and the tears flow.

Our body is not a haphazard creation. Instead, the force that amassed all the components that make up the human body did so knowing we’re meant to be a conduit of powerful energy. Our emotions stir that energy within our cells. And at times that energy needs to be flushed so that fresh, re-energized energy can take its place. Laughing is one of the many ways we release this energy. And if given my druthers I’d much rather fall prey to infectious laughter than sullen sadness.

For reasons of which I’m still unsure, yesterday I fell under the cloud of constricted, pensive energy. By late afternoon it would be fair to say I was a full-on curmudgeon. This happens to all of us now and again. But its an uncomfortable energy. Nothing about it feels right. And until it’s released I feel like I’m wearing shoes on the wrong feet. I have no idea why my emotional system can suddenly become out of alignment, I just know that when it does I need to find a way to open the spigot, and let it out.

For most of us our work can be the main cause of misalignment. Perhaps its our partner, our physical being or even our children. We strive to give everything and everyone our best, until there’s nothing left to give. Then its time to rejuvenate and replenish; putting the oxygen mask on ourselves, so that we can help to put it onto others. There are many ways to do this but as we head into the weekend I recommend doing it by carving out some fun for yourself. Cultivate laughter. Dig up and savor those things that please you.

These things that bring us unadulterated joy are as varying and as vast as the human species itself. As it should be. So whether you find that thing which makes you smile by watching a movie, listening to music that pushes you to dance, or simply sitting alone. Or whether you take a conscious effort to tap your funny bone by spending time with that one friend who always makes you laugh. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you nurture this side of yourself. Life is far too demanding for you not to step onto the lighter side. We need those things that are light to balance out the weight of our world. So on that note I ask that you find a way to laugh. Cleanse your emotional system. Laugh until you cry. Or cry until you finally laugh. However you do it, go have fun.



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