Seasons In The Sun

There are times when we truly can’t understand why life is unfolding in the manner that it is. Just as often, there are times when we can’t make sense out of the actions of others. But all things are seasonal. We can’t control the season, but we can trust in the timing – even when the timing feels so wrong.

As our soul gathers bits and pieces for its larger experience, our ego and the physical body that accompanies it, jockeys through life. We spend days buried in confusion, then a day or two of joy comes our way and we begin to think life’s not so bad after all. Then another maddening situation arises and we start to question if its possible to make sense of life at all. Life is precarious. At times it feels pernicious. But I don’t believe it is, not entirely.

Right now I’m going through a few things that are as much painful as they are healthful to my larger self. As my eyes water with tears my soul tries to reassure me that all is well, and that some u-turns are necessary if ever we are to go in the intended direction. We are forced to let go of things left and right in this life. Those we thought were friends end up enemies. Careers we were convinced would finance our future end abruptly. Those we love die before their time. And then there are those who plunder the lives of others like a tornado that came without warning. People and nature are similar; at least to me. An unexpected hail storm can fall upon innocent apple blossoms, in the same way the actions of one can completely uproot the life of another.

After a hail storm, we clean up the mess and move on. Its imperative we do the same with our personal and spiritual lives as well. Amidst my hail storm, I’m gleaning out those whose season have come to an end in my life. It’s easy to confuse the act of unconditional love with the act of accepting those with whom you are not in alignment. Use the imposed time-out of a hail storm, and the subsequent clean-up, to glean out those with whom you do not resonate. A tree thinks little of ending its season once it knows it has done what it was meant to do. Thus is true of relationships. Thus is true with certain life situations. There will be those seasons that last your entire journey. And then there are those that are brief. Never force a short season into becoming one that is ever-lasting. It will falter, as it wasn’t created for that purpose. It doesn’t have the necessary stamina or depth to bear fruit for a lifetime. So let it go. Allow it to end.

If you have found yourself emerging from a hail storm, amidst a hail storm or are standing watching the dark clouds move closer in your direction – try not to despair. The apple tree will blossom again, and so will you. These disruptions are one of the many seasons of life. They happen due to no fault of your own. You will emerge. Look at it as the chaos needed to kick up the dust in your life. Once all is up in the air, you are able to see things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Now clean things up. Its time to remove a few things, so that when things blossom again, there’s room for the good fruit to grow. And through your tears or through your tension, try to smile knowing that as much as there are seasons of darkness, there will be seasons in the sun.



12 thoughts on “Seasons In The Sun

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      You are kind. Thank you. I am okay. I can only share and teach what I know to be true. What is concrete within me, I feel comfortable exposing to others. I’ll never be the kind of writer, speaker or teacher that builds their fortune or career from empty words. No. My words are tried and true. I have the best fans, followers and readers. I look at each of you as a piece of me. There is a reason we are all experiencing this one lifetime together. We share our love and our knowledge. We support one another. Thank you for being so good to me. Best to you ~ S.

  1. Cristina Luisa

    What a beautiful way to articulate our seasons of emotion. I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes seasons are meant to end, and though it may be painful, it part of the process to get to sunnier days. It can be quite a challenge to remind yourself of this when times are tough. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Often when writing these things I am reminding myself as much as reminding others. Thank you for the kind compliment. It means so much. Best to you ~ S.

  2. Read Stuff With Me!

    This is really beautiful. Loved these lines : ‘Never force a short season into becoming one that is ever-lasting. It will falter, as it wasn’t created for that purpose. It doesn’t have the necessary stamina or depth to bear fruit for a lifetime. So let it go. Allow it to end.’
    It made me think about my life and the short seasons in it…
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      You are so very welcome. I am immensely pleased that these words held personal value for you. I only wish that for all of us, the seasons in the sun were a bit longer, and the storms a bit shorter. Love to you ~ S.

  3. grovewithin

    I scroll through my reader to look for your posts. I feel inspired, motivated, and hopeful by them. There was a line that you wrote that really touched my common sense. I hope you dont mind that I reblogged this beautiful piece with the line I mentioned.

  4. grovewithin

    Reblogged this on grovewithin and commented:
    “Never force a short season into becoming one that is ever-lasting. It will falter, as it wasn’t
    created for that purpose.”


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