Difficult to Believe

For many years I envied those who grew up in homes like the Leave it to Beaver home. The old television show emulated well the household that experienced no turbulence beyond minor miscommunication or drama beyond that of the wayward baseball thrown through the neighbor’s window. It wasn’t until years later that I realized my soul chose my parents, and the subsequent home life and upbringing they would offer.

My soul knew what it needed to accomplish in this lifetime, and it made certain to send me all the things necessary to get me there. Certain aspects of my inner being required expansion and fulfillment, and I’ve been exposed to numerous opportunities allowing me such expansion. I haven’t always made the right choices however. So at times the lessons have been many. My mind could, and has, cursed all the wrongs done to me during my lifetime. Furthermore my mind has damned my turbulent upbringing, screaming, “Why me?” But such questions are not necessary, as I know the answer. These were the areas within my soul that needed to be experienced. What I did with the experiences has always been up to me. My soul is patient though, and never tires of the journey; even when my mind has asked to be released.

What I know now is that, if it weren’t for all the hurdles that have been placed at my feet, I would not possess the belief system and perception on life that I own. We are all given opportunities; they arrive daily. Each choice invariably brings a set of consequences. And our family was the first set of opportunities given us.

So when you look at the family that surrounded you upon your emergence into this realm realize that if they are challenging it is because your soul is at a level that requires such. You are now pushing forward along your journey where you’re being handed opportunities requiring a great deal from you. The hurdles are high only because you have logged many lifetimes developing your spiritual muscles; you are meant to leap higher. I don’t have the answers as to why the soul chooses what it chooses. I just know that it does. So its best to see the purpose in the ways of one’s soul, versus buck against it and fritter away many lifetimes having to undergo the same lessons repeatedly.

So if you can, view those in your life as the opportunities they are. Some have shaded the lens of your perception in such a way for a reason. Try not to view the easy-go-lightly upbringing possessed by others with envy. Try not to look upon your parents or siblings with anger, resentment or hostility. And if you are absent a parent or two, try to understand that your soul knew such a set of circumstances was what you required if you were to evolve in the way it knew was needed. Look at all of the rough edges in your lifetime and see them as the opportunities your soul requested for your refinement and enlightenment. A very hard thing to do when those areas are painfully rough, this I know. But I ask that you try. Because once you do, you will have taken an enormous leap. Difficult to believe, but true.



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