Lying In Wait

There are two kinds of what if’s in this world; one that gives life to fear; and one that births hope. So if you find that you’ve become the captive audience to fear, ask yourself what hope would say if it were allowed to speak.

There are many things in life that will stop us from living the life of our dreams, or from being with the one we desire, or from stopping us from taking the first steps onto the path of a different direction. Fear whispers into our ear words that hold us prisoner. What if I fail. What if they do not love me as I love them. What if I go broke trying. What if no one buys my new design. What if she one day decides I’m not what she wants. What if his sweet words are a lie. What if I fall on my face in front of everyone. What if I’m simply not good enough. What if.

But what if we are good enough. What if in the midst of listening to fear speak, and thus determining one’s fate, we allowed another voice to step forward. For a moment, take every fearful what if sentence, and change the ending. What if it all works out in the end. What if he does love you. What if she does too. What if your new design, business or job was the creative outlet for which you’ve always been searching. What if instead of failing, you succeed. What if today is the day your life changes forever. Changes happen both big and small. We never know when life will take its next shift. But maybe by allowing hope to speak within our mind, and letting our inner being rest in the energy bed of hopefulness – the next shift is a good one.

Fear is there under the guise of protection. It is not bad in its entirety. Once burned we know to never again rest our hand on a hot surface. Fear reminds of the pain. And when our choices or fate brought heartbreak our way, fear is there to bring to mind the memory. And yet, fear should never stop us. Fear should never be what decides our steps. Because often fear doesn’t allow us to move at all. And if it does, it usually sends us in the opposite direction of our next chance for love, joy and fulfillment. Fear tries to shelter us and yet nothing can ever be found when buried behind such walls. So what if, when you step out, your feet hold steady, the sun shines and what you’ve always wanted for yourself is lying in wait. But it won’t be discovered unless you walk on.

Maybe today is just a day like the others. You will wake and you will fall asleep never knowing, never seeing, what is swirling on the horizon. But what if it is the first day of your new beginning; because today you silenced your fear, and let hope fill your mind. What if.


5 thoughts on “Lying In Wait

  1. Rebecca

    Hi Sane,

    Good post. I, too, believe fear can be a hinderance or a motivation for change. When I think of blogging and the huge learning curve it’s been for me, and the fear of it going nowhere, I’m glad I decided not to let fear win. Thanks for the post.


    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      You are so very welcome, Rebecca. Fear is such an odd thing. In this game they call life, fear should never be the victor. So wonderful that fear did not hold you back. Much love ~ S.

  2. Becki Duckworth

    Very good post. When I first started my blog I had tremendous fear. Fear of what would people think of me for exposing my past. During my first 5 or 6 post I never left the house. I lost a lot of “friends”, term I now use loosely. I was sad for a month or so that these “friends” no longer called me inviting me to coffee or happy hour. Now I have moved past the fear that I experienced for 25 years and have a sense of freedom.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I am so pleased to hear that you have found your freedom. We all have it. But at times it is so hard to find, claim and call our own. Best to you. Much love ~ S.

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