The Veil of Separation

There have been times in my life when I have felt more connected with the moon than with any other human being. Likewise, I’ve also looked deeply into the eyes of an animal, and felt a resonance not felt with another  person. I have to believe these were times when my soul pushed aside the veil weaved by my mind, and finally I was able to perceive without hindrance.

I should always view the world with clear perception. But doing so is not easy. Instead, the mind takes such a prominent position that we often forget it is a secondary mechanism. At best it is the assistant to the soul. It is my deepest knowing that we do not possess a soul. We are soul. All of us. And these soul’s possess bodies. It is by way of the soul that we’re all connected. And as hard as we try to distinguish ourselves from each other; as hard as we try to separate ourselves; there is no separation. There is only the veil of separation.

The soul understands the energy of life. Whereas the mind tries to interpret and reason with the energy of life. And yet, as we all know, for the most part, energy is something with which can’t be reasoned. It simply is. It simply is in the same way the soul is. Both are connected to all that is. Within each cell that creates our physical body is energy. Energy is at the core of even our physical manifestation. The soul is this energy. And yet, we set it aside as if the soul is secondary.

We try to tap into it, we try to express it, we try to understand it and yet it is always, and forever will be fully expressed by virtue of our being. But the mind fools us into believing otherwise. I say for a moment, listen less to the mind and more to how you feel. One’s feelings are the closest and purest indicator of the workings of the soul. Go beyond the fear though. Go deeper. If you are without a gateway to this deeper place, ask how you would feel if without fear. Don’t forget that within you is the stuff of the universe. It has to be. Energy does not lose its power once held within the physical frame. Perhaps it’s not being utilized to its fullest potential; but there is no difference between the great energy that pulls the ocean waves and the energy that resides within you. There is no difference between the energy that colors the sky and the energy within you. Energy is energy, just held in different places. The universe is energy. God is energy. Energy is your soul. So don’t doubt you. You are this great energy.



6 thoughts on “The Veil of Separation

  1. Chantell

    So interesting to read, and I love the way your wrote it too…I would like to believe that we are all souls and that we just inhabit our bodies during our lifetimes…What a lovely belief 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you so much, my friend. I have been told by more than one that I have a unique writing style. I’ve also been told this is my blessing as well as my curse; words I’ve never known how to process. Regardless, it is me. And I am my soul. And this must be how it chooses to speak. lol I do believe this. Its a belief that baffles me but also comforts me. I hope it has helped you. Much love ~ S.


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