The Meaningful Life


Here’s to those who’ve stopped to notice the life force in the most benign, routine of things. In that moment, you found awe in what others so easily overlook. Anyone can be left breathless by a lavender sunrise, the birth of a child or the face of one’s lover when kind words are said. But everyday life doesn’t always offer these things.

So here’s to you if you’ve ever stopped and appreciated a beating heart; it’s an unseen masterful device, held within us all, each and every day. Here’s to you if you’ve ever noticed the life energy surging through a simple blade of grass. Without being as grand as the moon or the sun, it still pulsates with the same energy. And here’s to you if you’ve ever fallen deeper in love with the one your with not because they said poetic words, but because they revealed a painful truth; they gave you this part of themselves; a part most likely not shared with another.

It is up to each of us to determine not only the meaning of life, but what things give our life meaning. It’s a two-fold question, and a two-fold answer. But it is an answer that will define us in the end.

Oddly enough some of the most off-the-cuff, un-rehearsed, seemingly inconsequential things are those that make the biggest impression upon me. That isn’t to say that I’m not in awe of a sky that resembles a masterpiece so magnificent it solidifies my belief in God, or the earnest words said by the one that holds my heart in their hand. Those things are decadent and when given to me I savor them. But I also savor the undertones of life. Sometimes a simple warm breeze after a long hard day is enough to remind me of the grand, magical nature of this planet we’re on; not to mention how this ever-important sphere manages to stay suspended in the milky way. There are times when the presence of gravity alone puts me in awe. I’m also prone to sitting for moments at a time pondering the force that causes a seed to seek the sun from under the ground. We humans tend to think we are the end all of all things, and yet we are constantly reminded that we’re clearly not.

With that said, here’s to you if you’ve felt the presence of both pain and happiness all within the course of a single day. Here’s to you if you’ve chosen to see the beauty that is within you, without first having received the accolades of others. Here’s to you if you’ve taken the time to truly savor the things you’ve placed upon your tongue; a great deal of time and energy went into the creation of each. Here’s to you if you’ve stood in the rain from of desire to feel alive, much like the seed. Here’s to you if you’ve ever woke early to watch your lover sleep, just because you’re so appreciative of having them so near. Or if you’ve found yourself loving them deeper upon watching them display their frailty. Here’s to all those who’ve held tight and to those who’ve known when it was time to let go. I’d like to think all of these things, the little and the grand, are signs of the universe pushing through us – just as it does that blade of grass.

So whether you feel accomplished or not, loved or alone. Whether you feel defeated or a success. Life moves through you. And it does so with meaning. But what does it mean to you? I will spend my life articulating what it means to me.



6 thoughts on “The Meaningful Life

  1. words4jp

    i have always enjoyed looking at things – the things that many see as insignificant I am always fascinated about – i do not know why that is, i have always been this way:) maybe there is hope for me yet? 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you so kindly. Words hold tight boundaries and limiting as a form of true expression. I’m glad I stretched them, and equally glad that you noticed. Love to you ~ S.

  2. fredphillips

    A few years ago I stood beside a swamp that I stood beside many times over the years and for the first time I saw enormous beauty in the tangled mess of fallen trees, stumps and swamp water. I saw the perfection of the universe. It was an amazing experience! 🙂


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