Keep Trying

I have forty-three years of life data stored within me. But I am not the data, and the data is not me. These were merely life experiences that have been lived out, and are now stored as past memories. They are not the future. However, if I allow only my mind to decide my fate, then that past data will be projected forward, and thus my new days shaped. As the mind only has access to data, it can not gather from any other source. My soul, on the other hand, has access to all that is because – it is – All That Is. Albeit a small individuation of a much larger source, but a part of that source just the same. And that is all that matters.

The body, the mind and the soul are forever present. They are the faculties and tools by which we live and process this life experience. They are also the tools that shape our future. It is up to us then to decide how that future is to be shaped. Do we base it on the past. Perhaps. If your past pleased you, then draw forth from it and color your world similarly. But if you have outgrown your past or your past was not to your liking then leave it where it is, and bring on something new.

Life does not have to repeat itself. But it will if our focus remains in the same stagnant position. Our perception of life creates our experience of life. There is no other way. That is why two people can view the same thing yet walk away describing two different scenes. The tool, the mechanism that is you, is singular. If you do not like how the world looks, please know the world will not change unless you change the way in which you view it.

There are times when those things that do not please me outweigh those that do. Life, at times, holds only a hellacious vista. A 80/20 split at best. Most likely I created the unbalance. I do know, when I focus upon the 20% that pleases me, the 20% of magic that seemed to unfold amidst a sea of turbulence, the turbulence lessons and the magic increases. My focus alone causes a shift. Quantum physics has proven that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. So in that we all create our truth, our own belief and our own reality.

So as I leave you today I will do so asking these things: What is your truth? What is your belief? And what is your reality? The answer to your personal evolution, your future, rests within your answer. Now its up to you, as it is also up to me, to choose our answer, to know and be the answer. Once we have done that, we will experience the answer. Understanding this, let’s perceive what pleases us, even if it means focusing only on the 20% for the time being. I will not profess to be a master at this. But we don’t have to be. All we have to do is keep trying. Keep trying. Keep trying.


10 thoughts on “Keep Trying

  1. Megan

    Your posts always come at a time in my life when I need to read your message. What you write is so true. I am in the process of shaping my future into something new and different. There are times I get scared and worry that my past will define me, but then I read your posts or something happens to me that reminds me that I have a chance every single second of every single day to sync my mind, body and soul together and create my life! Thanks for posting this. Keep writing. You’re doing important work.

  2. bernasvibe

    Excellent sentiment. Excellent write! Currently? I’m riding on a natural high of a 20/80 split. A spiritual awakening that just keeps opening wider & wider..Mayhaps its because this was the year , preceding my 50th Bday, that I claimed as mine..(long before it arrived) And it just feels good majority of the time. Reblogging your piece because this is just too good not to share with my readers..Stay UPlifted & blessed 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Good for you. I am happy for you. And thank you for sharing my words. I should probably begin now creating my 44th year. Not only am I fond of double and triple digits but it is soon approaching and I would like a bit of a reprieve. And so with that, let me say for the record and the world to read: My 44th year will be one of a rebirth. The child in me will begin a new life. One of wonder and awe. I will cry from joy often. I will smile to the extent of causing my jaw to ache. Ah yes, that sounds good. It would mean living a life not yet experienced by me. But I am up for it. I am ready. Here’s to your year of awakening and here’s to mine of happiness. Much love my friend ~ S.

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