Moving On

I’ve accepted that I’ll never look at the world in the same way as most. Life is like a pop-up book to me, consisting of layers, behind one rests another. At times I envy those having a one-dimensional view. But being true to me, means also being true to my view. And my view is multi-dimensional. It’s who I am. And this journey, for me, is about stepping fully into who I am.

Not only must I accept who I am, I must love who I am. I must nestle myself comfortably within my many layers, and paint boldly with my many colors. I must sing in a tone that is in harmony with my true voice; as singular as it may be. Most of all, I must believe in my ability to spread my wings. And once having established that level of faith in myself, and the divine energy that rests within me, I must move my wings and fly.

I can no longer sit. And if I do perch myself it is to rest in quiet contemplation as I look out upon the world; knowing my perspective is the one that I was meant to have and meant to share. If you haven’t noticed, I am taking you along with me. With every lift off, with every graceful sweep of my wings, we glide together. There are times when I fall hard to the ground. But I have accepted that too. I’ve accepted that there are things down low meant for me to see. Discoveries made while grounded that can not be seen while sitting up on high. Generally, the discoveries made are of the things that tether me. So while stationary, I examine my inner workings. I heal that which is wounded, release that which is held captive, and fortify that which is in doubt. And I accept all of it as the part of me for which it is. Then I cut the string, and I move on.

As I sit here right now with boxes strewn about my home, photos from my youth scattered across my dining table, I am once again cutting the cords. The move I am making is about more than a geographical shift; it’s about a spiritual shift. I’ve accepted that my world will never be about only tangible, earthly things. I’ve tried very hard to force myself into that square peg and it just won’t be. This planet is merely a place for me to make certain discoveries. It is the ground that I walk upon when I have fallen, but it is also the beautiful vista that I get to behold when flying on high. It is the place for me to express myself, experience myself and meet with other like souls. It will never be all there is for me.

This shift, this change, is a time when I put into boxes all that I want to take with me, but also a time of healing the little girl who is awaiting her time to fly. That may make little sense to you but it makes profound sense to me. She waits. Her world was shaped without her say. She never once asked for the uncertainty that became her foundation. So together we are moving on. Together we are using this point in time to create a foundation that pleases us both; one that is shaped by our hands and by our hearts.

I will never cease to be more spirit than mind. I will never cease to contemplate and commune with things unseen. I’ve accepted these things. I’ve accepted me. Now its time to move on. And I’m taking you with me. Once again, its time to fly.


The Young Writer

The Young Writer

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