What Lies Ahead

Over the last four years, from this house, I’ve written two and a half novels, three children’s chapter books, twenty-three children stories and 384 blog posts. It’ll be odd writing from any other location. Yet I’m curious about my new surroundings. More so, I’m curious to see how it’ll influence my writing.

I’m hesitant to speak on behalf of other writers, but as for me, all that’s within me and all that surrounds me enters into my writing; sometimes only the essence, at other times through example. Life always offers a bounty from which to draw. Some things good. Some things not so good. So as I sit here, my house near empty, my desk with drawers no longer filled, I wonder about this change ahead.

There are those that profess all change to be good. I don’t necessarily agree. Perhaps all change is necessary though, often on a level beyond our understanding. I have sat and watched change that upheaved my world and caused pain to those I love. On a spiritual level this may have been needed, but it wasn’t good. Sometimes change is the uprooting of emotional-mass that creates the mountain over which we’re intended to climb. Watching the uprooting, then having to climb it, are arduous tasks, both from the viewpoint of the ego and the soul. I say best not to do it while weighed down. Best not to live life weighed down.

This change for me is good. And once the labor of it is complete, I’ll embrace it in full. And to the extent that I can, I’m even trying to embrace the labor of packing and sorting. One shouldn’t be weighed down by unnecessary things. I dare say should disaster strike and mankind forced to run for the hills, I now know where my running shoes are located. In fact, I know where all my things are located. It wasn’t that way a month ago – and it should’ve been. It’s important to be streamlined. It’s important to not let one’s belongings grow to unmanageable proportions. Life easily sneaks up on us, we get busy, and clutter ensues. The same is true of our mind. The same is true of our emotional being.

So with this change I’m streamlining the all of me. And I encourage you to do the same. Whether change is before you or you are in the place you’ll be until your final day, sort through the all of you. Create order. The space you’ll create within your home, your mind and your heart will astound you. Suddenly you’ll take wider breaths, and your mind will lighten. And although it won’t remove the stress from your life, it will ease your burden by removing those things that no longer have a purpose.  I don’t believe I need twenty boxes of binder clips in assorted sizes. As I only now discovered them, I must not have needed them. I also don’t think I need photos in triplicate. Nor do I need Tupperware that has long since divorced its lid; the lid having run off long ago. More importantly, I no longer need to carry with me emotions that prevent me from stepping into my true self; doubts that muffle my true voice. I must also set aside the scars from my past, and a history that served its purpose but has a weight too heavy to bear. I can also let go of my guarded tendencies. Once dropped, my hands become free. We all need to let go if ever to embrace something new. And the truth is, that which lies ahead is often far better than that which we were reluctant to release.

If you do not hear from me, know that I am here – just busy creating a new nest, a new perch from which to view the world and write. But with a lighter load and free hands. In my brief absence I hope you will do the same.


4 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead

  1. lpaigewrites

    Sometimes the emotional weight we carry is often attached to these objects we find ourselves hoarding. Getting rid of them can be very cleansing. It’s nice to do it once and a while.

  2. Rebecca

    Hey Samantha,

    I’ll miss u.

    I agree with you. Change isn’t always good but yes, it may be necessary. Good luck in your new abode.



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