Dwell Well

Life requires of us to perceive and to analyze; we do this with nearly every breath we take. And whether we realize it as such or not, this process is one of the brick-laying methods upon which our reality as a spiritual being is built. Knowing this, perceive and analyze with deliberate consideration. Choose how you go about your daily life. Choose to fear less, and in time you will become fearless. There is no other way.

It sounds trite at first. It’s not. Condition your mind, and it will graciously respond. If it’s hardened into seeing and processing life through the many differing shades and sieves of fear, please know one can not force it into compliance. Instead, go easy. Take baby steps. Smile knowing you are taking back your life through these soft, small movements. They are deliberate. Deliberate thoughts are powerful thoughts. So dwell well.

A hardened, fearful mind can only reflect that to which it has been routinely exposed. Focus on one fearful thing within a plethora of beauty, and fear is all you will see. The reverse is also true. No, you can not remove the ugliness from the world. And sadly, there may be ugliness in your life that simply will not go away. There are times when your hand must touch upon these things. I say then to do so with careful deliberateness, then step away. You’ve done all you can do, now move on until it requires your touch again. But once done – readjust, infuse your being with goodness. Seek out those things that please you. They are your counterweight. You must dwell well if your world is ever to reflect wellness back to you. Dwell well. But dwell softly. Dwell with an easy smile. Do not force the reflection. Such a shift takes time. Fear will tell you it’s not working; and when it does, once again choose to think differently.

Take the time to buoy yourself. Doing so is not frivolity. Doing so is empowerment. Doing so is recognizing that you care enough for your well-being to seek balance, inner-health and inner-wellness. Life’s reflection requires of you to act first. Give this to yourself.

So whether sitting at the end of a long dock or with your back leaned against a tree that has long seen more life than you, take the time to dwell well. Take a break from life. Once you do, even that which once caused you to pulsate with fear will have less of a hold. In time, life will begin to reflect this new perception. Close your eyes. Set fear aside. Allow yourself to smile. Within you – see the life that feels most pleasing. Notice how these thoughts begin to spin to life inside your being. It may seem like just the twirling of fanciful thoughts. But its not. In those moments you are doing much more than you know. Life begins within.


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