I’ve seen great beauty in life. I’ve seen great ugliness. On that note, I’ve also experienced profound harmony. So much so it makes it difficult for me when things fall out of synch. Life truly is like the ocean. How to ensure calm seas is beyond me. I say this because I don’t believe they exist; at least not for most of us. And it is to most of us that I write.

The best any of us can do is to learn how to navigate, learn how to swim, and consult our compass routinely. Because the seas will rise. The waves will buffet. And at times we will capsize. But if we go numb, we will fail to sense danger. If we weight ourselves down with thick walls, we will drown. And if we bury our head we will miss the sunset as it reflects against glassy waters. What this means is this: Life demands we engage in all waters.

When the winds crash hard against you do not hide. More often than not, that storm is taking you somewhere. If we constantly reroute to avoid the worst of life, we spend our days sailing aimlessly, without direction. The target may hold firm to its position, whereas we travel in circles.

Life, if it is to be lived, requires of us to go through the storm. There’s simply no other way. Do not look at the storm as your destination. Do not look at the storm as punishment. It simply is. Let go of why. And sail hard. Roll into the waves. Let them lift you, and fall with them as they plunge deep into the earth. Don’t panic. Don’t turn back. Never be caught retreating when the worst is upon you. No; go with the waves, they will lead you to the other side. They always do. Maybe. Just maybe. Those hard waves are washing away something you fail to see. Or maybe, the thrust is necessary to lift an anchor you won’t remove.

You can sail no other vessel but that of your own. So know your vessel; know you. Maybe you aren’t graceful during the worst of it. Who cares. Surely not me. I think you are amazing because you are standing behind the wheel even though you can no longer see. And there will be times in life when we are made blind.

In one quick instant I would take away all the hurt that has ever befallen you. Similarly, I would do the same for me. I never write what I do not know. I have capsized. I have felt my body hit the ocean’s floor. I have felt water fill my lungs. But I have also seen what life looks like through the filter of deep water. Don’t fear being there. These storms stir up that which calm waters tend to bury. So stay there. Look around. Then look up. There is a light, and you will buoy up. Swim, my friend. You’re boat will be waiting. Climb back on. Sit for a while. Don’t damn God for the way things are. Because each time you do, you are damning you. Your higher self sent that storm. So with that, spin the wheel, and head back out. Go in the direction of your desire. Life will get you there. You will get you there.

My love to all. My love to those that needed to hear this.


Listening to, THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT by AWOLNATION and Hurricane by  MS MR

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