Losing Your Mind



I’m going to borrow from my metaphor of the other day, and add in another. Please bear with me.

I discussed the importance of taking the time to bake the cake of one’s desires. It should be said that its equally important, if not more so, to take the time to make the cake. Try not to let life wash over you in a way that leaves you constantly reacting. A reactionary existence is a powerless existence. Give yourself ten minutes a day of unadulterated focus; time for you to relish in something that releases your tight chest, causes your face to soften or joy to settle into your body. As far as life maintenance duties are concerned, doing so should top the list. Its that important.

We would never expect our car to take us across the country without first taking the time to fill the tank. Likewise, even though the importance of which is often overlooked, we know our body needs nourishment to function. So if we have a long day, we stop every now and again to give it what it needs. And thus is true when it comes to the desires that rest upon one’s spiritual self.

There are those points in time when the contrast is so great there is no need for deliberate thought as to the essence of what we want. Without speaking one word, our desire is cast into the universe where it is caught by the hand of fate. But then there are those voluntary desires of which we have full awareness. Don’t forget to give them their due. Think on the things that please you. As frivolous and fanciful as these things may seem, the relief they provide your body, mind and soul is paramount to your well-being. Not only do they set the wheels in motion for the future, they impact the now. And doesn’t your being – in the now – deserve to feel well.

Maybe you can’t quite put a finger on your exact desire. Life is so cluttered, so overwhelming, a vision of anything beyond your physical reality is impossible to conjure. Or maybe you’re scraping the bowl of your resolve and thinking about your desires is simply too painful. Not only do I understand, I’ve been there. Just be sure to take the time to lose your mind.

There are times when I feel my footing slip; times when I know I’m leaning toward a breakdown. Especially during those times I steal away a moment or two, and lose my mind to something that pleases me. I picture the absurd and allow a wave of private laughter to cascade over my fatigued body. The moment of reprieve is brief but life saving. I release the valve of oppressive energy, and allow room for something better. These moments are the equivalent of pulling the car into the gas station on fumes. I’m giving myself what I need to keep going.

Make a point today, and every day, to lose your mind; lose it to your desires; lose it to the serene silence of no thoughts; lose your mind to dance; lose your mind to laughter. Because each time you do, you gain control over – you.



4 thoughts on “Losing Your Mind

  1. Rebecca

    What a good post. I, too, find that there are times I,too, have to take my mind away and give it a rest. For me, I imagine Jesus and me beside a stream just talking. It’s a beautfiul day with a warm breeze. It’s my sanity moment. To change the subject, I notice you have more than the recommended 15 combined posts and tags. I read in a wordpress book that one should keep the number to fifteen but I’ve noticed many bloggers exceed this number. aWhat is your take on this?

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you, regarding the post. As to the tags, well…I can’t say I have too great of knowledge as to the technical workings of what to do and what not to do. I suppose I should. I spend so much time with my writing and studies that I often fail to keep myself knowledgable on much else. Sad to say, but true. I can say that more often than not my posts are without tags and under the “uncategorized” heading. I guess I just like to have them shot out there and figure they will land in front of whomever needs to read them. lol Sorry I could not be of more help. Love to you ~ S.


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