In God’s Image

If I had only one sentiment to say to everyone, those I see before me, and those whom I can not, it would be: Learn your journey. Discover your purpose.

I can’t imagine living my life without purpose. Although I study religion, I do not need religion to tell me anything about myself, including my purpose. Nor do I need it to provide me with guidelines as to how to live. I understand and appreciate those who do, and fault them not. I can’t judge anyone, for if I do I am bucking against one of the core principles on which I base my life. If I am cast in God’s image, then I intend to remain that way. And God does not judge. I slip up from time to time, but it pains me when I do.

For me to cling to religion would mean that I no longer feel confident of my connection to all that is and my inner compass; through which the energy of all that is spins most fervently. I don’t want to deviate from self acceptance and acceptance of others; so religion will remain a study of mine, but not my spiritual home. But many veer toward certain philosophies because handling the dichotomy of the human mind can be daunting. True, the psyche can flop with wild abandon, yet the compass does not. Listen to it.

In a world where we so often feel alone, we look to dogma as it represents rules that represent structure, and structure feels like unity; a group believing somewhat the same, even if the beliefs aren’t always the best, or God-like. It is for many their tribe. And we humans want a tribe. We want to belong. Belonging begins within; it will forever elude us if we fail to start there.

Perhaps it’s because, when young, I would often feel so out-of-place around others that I sought out God in nature. I too needed a tribe. But now, older, confident of my place on this planet, I see God in all things. I see God in the eye of the one who has violated their inner compass as much as I see God in the eye of the one who never causes theirs to spin. Most importantly, I still see God in the eyes of my own even when I am acting out not from a place of truths and knowing but from a place of weakness. God doesn’t abandon me for being human. God is experiencing life through all of us, at all times. God is. Always.

Please know that one of us is not better than the other. Nor were we brought into being with the intent of spending the remainder of our years righting a wrong. We are here so our soul, the off shoot that is among the many off-shoots of God, can expand, experience and become that which it has not already been. There is a reason why we all see the world a bit differently. Each perception; each turning of a phrase; each mingling of words and nuance of speech; each creation; each skill; each song sang in a singular voice is evidence that we are beautifully unique; like leaves from the same tree. A soft look shows us as similar, yet upon closer inspection distinction is seen. Its meant to be that way. Combined it’s what makes the tree beautiful.

So look at your journey. Think upon your purpose. Your  life is more than a series of minutes clumped together forming a day which form the many months and years of one’s life. Even your struggles have purpose, as do your joys. For some it takes many lifetimes before realizing they are to look inward equally as much as they are to look outward. Of course, having read this, you now know. You needn’t waist one more day.



4 thoughts on “In God’s Image

  1. fredphillips

    Terrific post Samantha. I particularly share your philosophy, ‘God is experiencing life through all of us, at all times.’ Simply put, we are not in control of our experiences … only our attitudes!

    Have an awesome day!


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