Societal Slowdown


There is nothing weaker than a house divided against itself. With that said, I find it odd that some within our government rail against certain actions, as they fear our nation may appear weak. Then those same people who express such a concern, take action that further divides our nation. Please keep in mind that dividing our nation seems to be what we’ve been doing since forming this nation; tragedy being the only thing that has bridged that divide.

When I was a young girl, sitting next to my grandmother at the county fair, I used to watch the demolition derby with an un-blinking eye. And when a woman driver was announced, I smiled. Not because I thought she was better than the others, but because I too would’ve loved to have been out racing. As I watched the other cars hunt her down, pummel her car, and thereby eliminate her from the race – my smile faded. I didn’t mind that she had been taken out. That was the point of the derby. I lost my smile when I watched them seek her out, before all others due to gender. Although young, I was enraged. Something within me triggered. I asked my father why they had done such a thing. He wobbled his head while searching for an adequate reply. Then he finally blurted: because she was a girl.

I stewed on his words for a while, then argued, “But why? It’s not like her car is any different? It’s not like she’s driving with her breasts!”

My father couldn’t argue. To this day I still struggle a bit with the intolerance of others. One could say I have a hard time tolerating their intolerance. But its more than that, really. I see such behavior as one of the most toxic crimes against humanity and our society. How can we survive as a whole if we do not value the whole equally. I don’t believe we can. Instead we need to preserve the rights of the individual, who is a part of a greater whole. Often this means compromise.

The need for power comes from having a deeply rooted feeling of insecurity within ourselves. It manifests in a plethora of ways. Whether through the power of using personal associations, using one’s children, using money, using one’s strength or one’s gender. Anytime we believe we are better than another it simply means we fear being seen as less than. This is only my belief of course. Your internal compass will either cause you to pull toward this belief, or because we are so the opposite, you will be repelled.

I feel one of the major reasons we are on this planet, doing this thing called living – is so that we develop and learn how to live together. I can’t say we are doing all that outstanding of a job of it. And I will admit, at times I am challenged considerably in successfully doing it, myself.  But I am not challenged when it comes to what I know. And I know that a woman can be strong, yet retain her delicate beauty. So too, a man can be strong, yet retain his compassion and understanding. And as a people, we can be individuals while ensuring a healthy whole.

Today, just as when I was young, when I hear someone make a disparaging comment based solely upon gender, race, sexuality, different opinions, economic status, or lifestyle choice – I am triggered. As with many topics, we reveal the stage of our spiritual development when commenting on such subjects. So the next time you speak, be careful in how you comment. Take note of what you are revealing – not about them, but about you.


2 thoughts on “Societal Slowdown

  1. fredphillips

    Truthful words Samantha. if we all felt good about ourselves we would indeed be loving and tolerant. We need more people thinking and speaking this way.

    have an awesome day!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Admittedly, it isn’t always easy being loving and tolerant. Yet, it always feel like the right way, so its the way I strive most to go. Love to you, my friend ~ S.


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