Come A Little Closer

Although I believe we move through many lifetimes, such a thing does us little good in the now that we recognize with our mind. So with that, step into the life you have. Try to stop being so fearful. And if you are fearful, ask yourself why.

From the soul’s perspective, it is true, we have many lifetimes with which to fulfill the purpose of the soul. But never should we fail to savor the life we’re currently in. It is the only one the mind you have will ever know. Yes your soul and even the memory in your cells retain it all. But not the mind. The mind is here to experience anew. For it to have a fresh perspective it must.

So, my friend, this is it. Will fear or desire determine your days. There is a desire on your heart. Get closer to that desire. Define it. Shape it. Make it your own. What are you waiting for?

As for fear, never run from it. With that too, I say  get a little closer. Examine that which makes you pull away and those things that keep you up at night. You can never overcome that which you do not know. You can never move forward if you do not first look at what has you bound. Some fears show us areas within our life where we need to do some work. Fear, as terrible as it feels, shines the light on the knot we are meant to untie. It need not be a noose around your neck. Keep working at it, it will loosen. Some fears seem far beyond our control. No untangling will set us free. Or so it seems. I don’t believe that’s so. Go deeper. Go higher. Get closer to your soul, and the energy it contains. Ask for assistance. And if it seems as though things aren’t instantly changing, don’t lose faith. Realize that there are things underway not within your sight range. But also, sometimes that rough road is the path your soul knows it must walk. Travel it with faith. Almost always the answers we seek can be found if we take the time to get a little closer. Try not to pull away from who you are and why you are here. And oh dear friend, do not pull away from your desires. Those desires, and the stirring they cause within you, are the fuel needed to walk the road of your journey – whether your steps are on paved roads or one riddled with debris.

If there is someone who fills your being with joy, hold their hand, and don’t let go. Don’t fear the worst. Expect the best. If there is a passion hidden deep within you that brings a smile to your face during even the worst of times, dive into it. Have no fear. You will not drown. Know that you were made to swim under the deep waters of your passion. Never dismiss what stirs you – turn your focus toward it – it is your fuel; it is what propels you while on this journey of yours.

This world is a stage on which both the good and the bad play out. One person’s good, is often one person’s bad. The dichotomy must exist. Within you there is also such a dichotomy. Discover what fills you with joy, strength and hope – and what fills you with sadness. You have this one life, so get a little closer.



4 thoughts on “Come A Little Closer

  1. Megan

    Once again, your post comes at a time in my life when I needed to be reminded of the exact message you are writing about. Thanks for sharing. Very wise words indeed!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Timing, always an interesting aspect of life. I am deeply pleased that this post was there for you when you needed it. I can only assume that it was meant to be. Love to you and thank you ~ S.


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