Focal Point


Finally, a moment to sit, and do what I love. For me, sitting alone writing, is like taking a long cool drink after having been without water; its like shelter from the storm; its like taking the hand of God and sitting for a while. I’ve missed you, dear reader. I send this missive late on a Friday night, with the intent of taking us into the weekend with a thought that will sustain us: When you think, think well, when you dream, dream without limits. And when the winds spin around you, and you’re about to lose your balance, focus on one thing and one thing alone. Focus on that which brings you joy.

Lately, I’ve had to retrain my eye. I’ve worked my spiritual muscles ardently. My psyche has been brought repeatedly into alignment; sometimes easily, sometimes by sheer will. But that’s okay. I’m standing balanced. I just can’t lose my focus. I can’t lose my belief and inner knowing that – all is well. And those things that seem far from well at the moment, are only temporary. Maybe this moment is here solely for the purpose of training my focus. Maybe that is, in part, what some of the rougher stretches of road are meant to do, train us to focus not on what’s under foot, but on the horizon.

It is our horizon. It is for us to create. I believe that with my entire being. I do not feel we control every nuance, every shade of color held within the sunsets we’ll one day see. But I do feel we control the essence of what our future will hold. And so with that, I say again, think well. Dream without limit.

When one dreams with conditions, they are not dreaming at all. Dreams hold energy. Never contain the energy of your dream. Try not to look around in the present moment and find reasons to limit your dreams. Perhaps every unsavory thing in your life at present is there for one reason – to train you to focus upon something better. Easier said than done. I know. In fact, I know this all too well. So please know that all that I share with you, are from those moments when I feel God’s hand in mine. I too, live by them. I too, am given instruction. Am I a sage. No. I’m just a writer. One who sits with God, and one who leaves ample room for God to sit within me.

God is in those focused moments. I feel God is in all things. But sometimes that thought is too esoteric for everyday life. Surely, it feels too large of an idea to grapple with when one is simply trying to weather the storm. When the rain is hitting us hard, we can’t even see. In those moments, recognizing that God is in the rain and in the overhang under which we find shelter, is overwhelming. So for now, focus on those things that make you feel good. There is a reason for the feeling that stirs within you when you do. When you give yourself a moment to think good thoughts, when you are allowing beautiful music to fill your mind and your being, notice the way you feel. Breathe in that swirling feeling, don’t brush it aside. Notice the release within your chest. You are swirling something very important in those moments. I like to think that in those moments, when my heart fills, and my chest softens, I can feel the breath of God within me. Make that your focal point. Go there. It is the focal point that will get you through any storm.


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