If you read my words from my previous post, you might smile when I tell you that the Universe brought into my life someone owning one of those tiny, perfect, Christmas villages – an elaborate one at that. God did that.

It seems my life, beyond even my own desires and inclinations, is a study; something beyond me is routinely prodding and aligning me with the information necessary to learn more about this thing we call life and those living it – including me. I consider this to be one of the most magical aspects of my journey. I have watched many a miracle unfold. I have uttered a tender plea in the morning, released it from my being, then watched it get answered later in the day. I have come to know and believe in this connection between me and God. More accurately, I’ve come to understand that we are one.

At times you may feel as if God is some far-off, abstract idea. Surely not a presence in your life, none alone, an energy contained within. There are days when I feel the same. Then I stop. I remind myself of all that I already know. I sit and focus on the miracles, and the beautiful confirmations that have been sent my way. I reconnect the threads of energy within me, and after doing so, they offer once again a strong conduit of pure positive flowing energy – joy. Our mind is not simply a mechanism that causes our body to function. Science has been able to map what happens within this fascinating organ. And that imaging has shown how the brain responds depending upon where we place our focus. It has also shown how when we focus on the negative, areas in the brain close down. This closing down then begins a ripple effect that triggers other emotional and physical responses. Thus is true in reverse. When we focus upon the positive, areas of the brain light up. Hormones that cause us to push forward are released and those blissful chemicals that cause us to feel good are sent throughout. This is all controlled by our focus.

This tells me that we were designed to feel good. It is ironic then, to me, that there are those who choose to live a life stifled of joy and pleasure due to a belief that they are honoring God, family or society. If anything, I feel, doing so is a blasphemy to God. If by design we are meant to live in joy, then why would this same designer force us to live a life without.

So focus on your joy. There is God energy in that action. God lives and breathes in full abundance within you, when you are in a state of joy. It is through focusing on what feels good that we get to feel the full connection to this beautiful energy that’s been there all along, waiting for us to give it our attention. If reading religious texts brings you joy, then read on. If holding the hand of your partner, fills you with warmth, then reach out, and take their hand. If painting, singing, dancing, cooking, causes you to smile, then carve out the time to bring these things into your life. Doing so is time spent with God, in my opinion. Give this to yourself. Give it to your body. Give it to your life. Although I can not speak for, All That Is, I feel its safe to say we were designed to live a life of joy. Find your joy. And focus on it.



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