If I could give you one gift this Christmas, it would be to strengthen you so that you never give up on your dreams. I would keep your resolve deep and strong, so that you never grow weak and set aside your desires.

All I can give you are my words, however. So please pull from these simple sentiments the strength you need to realize there is room in this world for you to flourish; there is room for you to assist others while assisting yourself. Please know this post comes from a very tender place within me; as setting myself and my desires aside is something I so often do. It is times like these when I’m alone, when my gaze shifts onto the snow as it cascades slowly from the sky, when my music plays softly in the background, and the voice of God whispers unfettered into my ear, that I listen with the most clarity.

There is nothing more challenging to me, than giving unto myself. I love to watch those around me flourish. I love to watch their soul burst free like a seedling pushing toward the sun. In a large part, that is why I feel I am here – to be that oak upon which others lean, to be that safe harbor from the storm; to be somewhere soft upon which to land. And then I sit alone, watching the snow. I smile inside, while a tear cascades down my face. And the voice whispers into my ear, “You, dear child, need these things too. Find your oak, find your lighthouse, find a soft place to rest.”

This Christmas, dear reader, I ask that you find these things too. Reach far. Reach deep. Go where you’ve never gone before. Never forget that if  you have a dream within you, it has purpose. It would not have been conjured otherwise. And it would not be infused with that stirring feeling if the Universe wasn’t there backing your desire. Go, and give this gift to yourself. You are not taking from anyone, when you give unto yourself in this way. If anything, you will teach, and therefore help, by example. Give yourself those things that empower you. Then you can help empower the world. Give to yourself that which fills you with joy. Just because these things have not manifested or easily fallen into place does not mean they are not real. They are real by virtue of being within you. It all starts within. It all starts with a stirring. Creation starts with a simple thought. Then you cause it to grow by your desire, dedication and action.

Never let go of your dreams. They are the gift you give yourself.

Merry Christmas, dear reader, Merry Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Gifting

  1. Regis Proulx

    I’m in the middle of writing an article about motivation and discipline as a creative mind and I’ve been blocked because I’m actually writing that article for myself. To help me come out of the shell I’ve been in for so long. Your words are helping me today to pursue that writing, so at the end I will have found my own answers. Thank you


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