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On the Horizon

On the Horizon

One day, I want for you, dear reader, to look back upon your life, and see that you lived the life of your dreams. Instead, many will look back and only see the life they were afraid to live.

Fear rules most of us. We fear that by living our dreams, we will upset the apple cart. We will end up in financial ruin. We will short change our children, or cause their upbringing to be flawed or failing. We will disappoint our family, friends or those we want to look favorably upon us. These are the fears that dwell deep within the hearts of many.

These fears are important indicators. Never push them aside without first looking at them for what they are. They have nothing to do with your heart or spirit, and everything to do with your ego and mind. I have an issue or two that when I look far out into the distance, my fears emerge, blocking sight of the horizon. Mistakenly, I confuse the fear for the horizon. My soul knows better. My soul reminds me that the fear is the obstacle, it merely stands in the way, blocking my view. It is only the view that I see until removed, and the horizon is allowed to reveal its beauty. I mustn’t confuse the two, and neither should you.

The horizon is constantly being beautifully created by the desires that rest upon our heart and soul; the obstacles that stand in the way are often created by the fears that rest upon our mind. Never interchange the two.

I could shape my world based on the obstacles. Or I could shape my life based upon faith in what rests beyond the obstacle. The sad thing is, many of us never remove the obstacle. Nor do we take the extra steps required of us to walk around. We make the obstacle our life. We stop and live in the obstacle. We live in our fear. In many ways, I feel such a thing is a crime against the beautiful energy that brought us here.

These fears of mine tell me both what I want out of life and what I don’t. But never should the fear be any more than that. It is a tool. It is an indicator. It is an emotional response that tells me a great deal about the rate of my spiritual expansion and the level of my emotional development. Fear is the boulder that sits dead-center on the road that leads to one’s happiness. Fear is the closed-door that sits between you and the life of your desires. Fear merely tells us that life is requiring of us action, clear intention and the desire to reach for and make joy our own.

Don’t let fear stop you from living the life that pleases you. And yes I understand that right now you may be saying a good deal of, what ifs. What if I do this or do that. What if my kids hate me for reaching for happiness. What if my friends think I’m insane. What if it doesn’t work out. To that, all I can say is: What if it does. What if you have been given this life for the one reason of creating, aligning with and feeling joy.


I Do

I Do

It is with great joy that I write to you tonight. Sitting here, the world is still bustling around me; yet, I am in my mind space. I am in that sacred place where my thoughts are cushioned by the hum of God. The walls within my being are soft. There was a time when the walls within me were not this way. Its taken a long time to get here.

There are a few areas in my life for which I am uncertain. But there are many things for which I know without question. And I know that it is vital the words we say within our mind; the words we say well before they escape our lips. And if, dear reader, you are like me, and want your life to expand and move in the direction of your purpose – then say: I do. Say I do to all the things in life you desire. In those moments when you are being battered by the things that leave you feeling downtrodden or keep you up at night – shift your thoughts. Identify that which you do not want, then release the knot. Let it go. Now say to yourself what it is that you do want. Leave the not behind.

Life is precious. If you are breathing, you have purpose. At times it may not seem that way. Your reason may very well be beyond your understanding at this particular point in time. Your soul is always busy however, even when your mind is caught in a rut. Some people spend lifetimes in what appears to be a rut. All the while their soul stays busy. The best thing we can do, is align with the mission of our soul. Falling into alignment is, quite honestly, heaven on earth. And it is my belief that heaven, as well as hell, are something for which we experience here, during our journey, not after. Heaven is here, but first we must say I do.

I know the twists and turns of life are overwhelming. Lately, I’ve had a few things take my breath away due to their emotional impact. I could sit and focus on that which I don’t want. But it feels like hell when my thoughts reside there. Its my choice what I think. It’s always our choice. Often we believe when focusing on that which we do not want we will solve something or somehow progress. Identifying what you do not want is like standing before a closed door. It’s an important door. Yet, what you want, is on the other side. To get there, you must leave the rest behind.

It takes purposeful intent to shift our thoughts. Often our mind will pull hard to return to those things that trouble us. Nothing about what I am telling you to do is passive. It isn’t easy. I wish it were. But freedom rarely comes easy.

So as you head into your weekend, think more about what you do want, and less about what you don’t. Those things for which we think on magnify depending upon our core energy and beliefs. Try your best not to fixate. Instead, identify; then release. Now relax within your sacred mind space and think about that which you want. Identify. Fixate. Hold fast. I do. I do know what I want. And in time, so will you.


Mind Space


Rarely do I go this long without writing to you. But you should know that, more often than not, the words that are shared with you here are only partially that of my own. Often, due to some prompting in my own life, my spirit chooses to speak a little louder. And during those times I sit and write. What is said to me is what I write here. However, all of this requires of me to be in a certain mind space. And currently, a few things have kept me from entering that precious, sacred space.

But the whispers that come to me, are like hearing the voice of a nurturing friend or a life’s love. I long to hear this sweet, soft voice. I miss it terribly. With that said, I will be re-entering my necessary space here shortly. I’m just regrouping. Having lifted a few anchors recently, my ship has been jostled around a bit. But all is well. All is well.

Know you are loved. And know too, that soon, very soon, you’ll be hearing from me.


Fuck It. The End.

Fuck It. The End

I could say a good deal of pleasantries about the year that has come to pass. But quite honestly all I want to say is: Fuck it, I’m happy this year has come to an end. Perhaps those words may seem too harsh or bold for a writer such as me. One would think I’d more eloquently phrase such a clipped thought. I have no need. I’ve never hidden the truth from you, dear reader, I surely have no intention of doing it now.

I sit here tonight, alone. Instead of looking out over the countryside vista of my past, or the school gymnasium of my present, I look out over the water. In the distance I see twinkling lights of homes, and a few cars moving. In many ways it reminds me of the sight I use to behold. This view is only temporary, however. It isn’t mine. But tonight, as I pray, these are the images that hold my gaze.

I would like to tell you that beautiful words float across my mind on such a night as this. Profound words. Pretty words. That isn’t the case. Instead, truly, two words stream through my being. I opened tonight’s post with those two words. And knowing me, I shall end this post repeating the same.

One could say those words are negative. I disagree. I find liberation in them. At least, that is the belief I have right now. When I cut the strings that bind me, rarely do I do so proclaiming any other words. These words are the ones that I so often use when I have met my end. When I have made a resolute decision within myself. When I have looked upon a situation, relationship, dream, or matter of reality and decided that I have had enough. With all the grace I own I say: fuck it. Let this year be done and let a new one usher in. Let the life I intend to live cascade around me. Let me bask within the waters of all that pleases me. And if God does not aid me in this quest than by my own hand I will make it my own. Those are the sentences I see within my mind as I look out at the twinkling lights that sit just beyond the water’s edge. These are the thoughts that I owned this morning when my eyes opened. These are the thoughts that will accompany me once my eyes close again. But this is not so bad. This is me turning my sails. This is me saying, we are shifting course. And it takes force. Perhaps this is the God within me causing this thought. Maybe during this moment of seeming disconnect I am in perfection connection.

I will make my dreams my own, yes. And so should you. There comes a time when after having anchored our craft in the water we notice we do not see the shore we had hoped to see. Lift anchor. Move on. Maybe that is what God was waiting for us to do. God knows I own the anchor. So fuck it. Lift anchor, set the sails, let’s begin to move again. Let us feel the wind as it brushes up against us. Let us feel the sun as it sets upon our back as we move forward.

If you had hoped I would give you eloquent words to ease you into the new year, please know that in my own way – I have.

May 2014 be the year that your heart’s desire unfolds in long billowing streams before you. May your footsteps be forever sure, steady and strong. May you notice that your face carries a smile more often than it does a frown. And may the wind be at your back pushing you forward. I do hope this is the year that you look ahead and see your destination. Life’s a journey, my dear reader. Fuck it. Let’s sail on.