Mind Space


Rarely do I go this long without writing to you. But you should know that, more often than not, the words that are shared with you here are only partially that of my own. Often, due to some prompting in my own life, my spirit chooses to speak a little louder. And during those times I sit and write. What is said to me is what I write here. However, all of this requires of me to be in a certain mind space. And currently, a few things have kept me from entering that precious, sacred space.

But the whispers that come to me, are like hearing the voice of a nurturing friend or a life’s love. I long to hear this sweet, soft voice. I miss it terribly. With that said, I will be re-entering my necessary space here shortly. I’m just regrouping. Having lifted a few anchors recently, my ship has been jostled around a bit. But all is well. All is well.

Know you are loved. And know too, that soon, very soon, you’ll be hearing from me.



2 thoughts on “Mind Space

  1. GARY

    Bless you my friend in the valley as on the mountaintop. It takes the dry and down places to enjoy the up places. Be still. Know thy GOD art with thee.


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