Sitting in Uncertainty



At this present time, I can find no better words to share with you than the ones within my previous post. I have read them often.

Dear reader, please know that I will never slight you. I never hold back. Although I feel something else arriving, new words to say, right now this is my best. And the best is what I vow to always give to you. So for now, I want to pause. I want to allow these seeds to take root. And with that, may those roots hold you steadily in place.


On the Horizon

Originally posted, January 19, 2014

On the Horizon


One day, I want for you, dear reader, to look back upon your life, and see that you lived the life of your dreams. Instead, many will look back and only see the life they were afraid to live.

Fear rules most of us. We fear that by living our dreams, we will upset the apple cart. We will end up in financial ruin. We will short change our children, or cause their upbringing to be flawed or failing. We will disappoint our family, friends or those we want to look favorably upon us. These are the fears that dwell deep within the hearts of many.

These fears are important indicators. Never push them aside without first looking at them for what they are. They have nothing to do with your heart or spirit, and everything to do with your ego and mind. I have an issue or two that when I look far out into the distance, my fears emerge, blocking sight of the horizon. Mistakenly, I confuse the fear for the horizon. My soul knows better. My soul reminds me that the fear is the obstacle, it merely stands in the way, blocking my view. It is only the view that I see until removed, and the horizon is allowed to reveal its beauty. I mustn’t confuse the two, and neither should you.

The horizon is constantly being beautifully created by the desires that rest upon our heart and soul; the obstacles that stand in the way are often created by the fears that rest upon our mind. Never interchange the two.

I could shape my world based on the obstacles. Or I could shape my life based upon faith in what rests beyond the obstacle. The sad thing is, many of us never remove the obstacle. Nor do we take the extra steps required of us to walk around. We make the obstacle our life. We stop and live in the obstacle. We live in our fear. In many ways, I feel such a thing is a crime against the beautiful energy that brought us here.

These fears of mine tell me both what I want out of life and what I don’t. But never should the fear be any more than that. It is a tool. It is an indicator. It is an emotional response that tells me a great deal about the rate of my spiritual expansion and the level of my emotional development. Fear is the boulder that sits dead-center on the road that leads to one’s happiness. Fear is the closed-door that sits between you and the life of your desires. Fear merely tells us that life is requiring of us action, clear intention and the desire to reach for and make joy our own.

Don’t let fear stop you from living the life that pleases you. And yes I understand that right now you may be saying a good deal of, what ifs. What if I do this or do that. What if my kids hate me for reaching for happiness. What if my friends think I’m insane. What if it doesn’t work out. To that, all I can say is: What if it does. What if you have been given this life for the one reason of creating, aligning with and feeling joy.


8 thoughts on “Sitting in Uncertainty

  1. GARY

    This post may be an “oldie” but it most certainly is a “goldie”. Our God is an awesome God. Just when I was letting fear creep back in, you do a re-post. I really needed it today. Thanks.

  2. mr johannes

    You know my thoughts on this one Ms Sane of the ‘sourire radieux’. Not only is it’s ‘insanity’ 😉 stunning in the mood uplifting department ; but it’s even played a significant role in sparking the first part of an extremely rare occasion —a ludicrous blog by silly moi! True, a blog by yours truly may cause many blog readers to suffer a rather discomforting bout of ludicrousness, but that just can’t be helped. After all, Ms. Sane its all your fault for creating such a tremendous piece of inspirational insanity 🙂

    You Rock!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      If I have lifted the mood of Mr. Johannes; if I have sparked the first part of you taking pen to paper or finger to key, then I am quite honored. When the long day of life is done, I hope I have managed to inspire, enlighten and uplift many. But today, Mr. Johannes, you have done these three things to me. Best to you ~ S.

  3. cmartzloff

    Love the message and the truth it carries… Reminds me to stay in today. It’s when my mind starts to creep into the future that the fears begin to appear for me. That’s because I can never really know what the future holds. I can only know the moment I am currently in.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      It is the future, and the what if’s that cause a tremble within us all. You are not alone. We all hold within us the fear of the unknown, or that eventually we will be standing nose to nose with the manifestation of our worst fear. Try hard not to forfeit today for fear of tomorrow. Your strength and your ability to shape and conquer tomorrow rests in the way you shape today. Know that you are loved ~ S.


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