I don’t know what good these words will be to you, dear reader. I find myself sitting here tonight questioning the efficacy of that which I share with you. Will it empower you. Will it liberate you. Will it enlighten you as to your value in life. Will it give you hope. I can’t say if my words harness you or set you free. My intent however, is to fill you with love. Love for life. Love for yourself.

I would like to tell you that life gets easier. I would like to say that the road shifts suddenly from that of broken glass to smooth. With an honest heart, I can’t. From what has been shown to me, the road is often strewn with shards. We will have days when we walk with smooth, easy strides. And then we will have days when, due to no fault of our own, our foot hits a jagged edge, and down we go.

Life isn’t about smooth roads, or arriving at a final destination. It’s about the love you managed to give and get along the way. When life takes you down, who is there to help support you.

Shards of glass come and go. Kids grow and move away. Friends stay for a lifetime, some for that of a season. Whether by the hand of God or a twist of fate, life is filled with ups and downs. At times, challenges seem near endless. It’s love that will get you through. Love, dear reader. Give it. Allow it in.

Teach your children how to love. They won’t know how to navigate life without it. We can’t change life, not as we’d like. We can color our canoe, but we can’t alter the undercurrent of the stream. Our soul is on a mission, some believe. And that mission will contain waters that are like glass. And it will contain white water rapids. Fill your canoe with love. It will balance you regardless of what the waters decide to do underneath. It will sustain you. At times it will guide you to lift the oars and let life take you where you need to go. At other times it will require of you to plunge deep into the water, and push.

Make love your own. That’s where this elusive energy known as God is most felt. And God wants to move through you. It does not move through sacrifice or fear. It moves most freely through joy and love.

I want to say to have faith. Tonight, I can’t. I want to say to believe that everything will turn out fine. Tonight, I can’t. But I can say this: Life gets ugly. Life will rip from you something you hold dear. Life will cause you to find yourself uprooted. Life will spin you around. Life will cut you to shreds, sometimes. Those days will come, my dear reader and it pains me to tell you so. But it will. So keep love close. Because during the upheaval and during the calm, love will make you whole. Love empowers. Love says, you can do anything. Love says, I will be there for you. Love says, come into my office and let’s talk. Love says, I know you are scared, but you can do this. Love says, let it go; free your hands so you can receive something new. Love says, go easy on yourself.

Love will make you laugh when all you want to do is cry. Most of all, love will cause you to believe in heaven. So when you think of sacrificing things within your life, step back, and remember – never sacrifice the love. It is the air through which God breathes. And God wants to breathe through you. God lives in the smile that comes to your face. God lives in that which feels good. So seek it out. It will ease the pain when the next shard comes your way.

Dedicated to all those that I love. And yes, that includes you, dear reader. I hope I have been of value to you. 



13 thoughts on “Love.

  1. Polished Rusted Thimble

    Dear Sane,

    Your words, like looking into a mirror. Words that are comforting and familiar to my own experiences. Your words, a reflection of how one person, one post, one gesture can change our experience and let us know, we are not alone..even when we look in the mirror and the only reflection seen, is my own. Thank you for this post, thank you for this smile even if followed by a few tears..but shoot, what river doesn’t need a little water from time-to-time. There will always be a day or a post of sunshine.


    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Yes, Polished Rusted Thimble, sunshine is due to arrive. Not because of an outside sky that shows itself to be clear, but because I am clear inside. Know that you are not alone, during sunshine or rain. Love to you ~ S.

  2. seraab417

    Sane your words speak from experience, and I do agree with you, I know even after the darkest of nights, sun do come out, no matter how long the night may be, never ever lose hope, that is one rope that can get us thru the rough seas of life
    loads of love and warm hug

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Loads of love and warm hugs to you too. I do have a rope. Yet at times I must release my grip a bit. But as I float the rough seas, the rope floats alongside me. Thank you; truly. Love to you ~ S.

  3. mr johannes

    ‘magnifique!’ ‘superbe!’ ‘splendide!’

    Words are but symbols to represent specific concepts, or say some scholarly dullish philologists; but, like the master painter whose innate gifts guide his brush to take ordinary colors and combine them into an extraordinary and vibrant masterpiece that leaps off the canvas for the art enthusiast, so too, the master author’s innate talents ink those mere symbols onto paper(or in this case: digital parchment), and thereby unifying those concepts they represent into something poetically uplifting and eternally profound to her readers.

    This piece, btw, evokes the mood I tend to get from a song by the pop-band ‘James’. Like your output here Ms. Sane, lyrically and musically there’s an engulfing aura of Hope that assuages and picks me up even through all the melancholy and sorrow that at times I experience .

    “Are you aching for the blade?
    That’s OK, we’re insured
    Are you aching for the grave?
    That’s OK, we’re insured
    We’re getting away with it all messed up
    Getting away with it all messed up
    That’s the living
    Daniel’s saving Grace
    She’s out in deep water
    Hope he’s a good swimmer
    Daniel plays his ace
    Deep inside his temple
    He knows how to serve her
    We’re getting away with it all messed up
    Getting away with it all messed up
    That’s the living…”

    As we New Englander’s often say Ms. Sane: “Wicked Awesome” 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      You are wicked awesome yourself, Mr. Johannes. And thank you for your kind words. I do hope I uplift my readers, but not with fluff that soon dissipates but with truth that is solid enough to stand upon. Love to you ~ S.

      1. mr johannes

        I’m terribly sorry Ms Sane. Being a foolish and ridiculous novice to WP I did not realize that if you place a link to a youtube page in a blog comment that it automatically embeds the destination video. So please again accept my sincere apologies for that awful faux pas.

        I’m convinced your readers stand firmly. That’s only my opinion of course—and since I’ve set the bar for the least amount of followers on WP, my thoughts here—just as on a worldly scale, carry less impact with them than the most imperceptible of ear-whispering zephyrs. However, your essays are impactful. Unlike myself; who has proven without a doubt incapable of adapting to the one very easy—but extremely important, commandment of blog commenting: ‘thou shalt not be laboriously dullish and long-winded!’; I’m betting there’s an enormous amount of your readers who gracefully and silently return again and again to refresh themselves from the wellspring of your inspiration and determination. Ok, that’s a terrible deluge of hyperbole, but I hope you get what I mean.

      2. SaneSamantha Post author

        Let’s hope it wasn’t entirely hyperbole. But do know this, that I have returned to these words written by your to refresh myself. Oh, Mr. Johannes, your words are not dullish. And if they are long-winded it is only so they carry the reader along like a delightful breeze. Thank you for that. Much love ~ S.

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