By Design


Hello, dear reader. Thank you for waiting for me. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning; no, not the kind we do on the outside. The metaphorical broom I’ve had in hand, is the kind used on the inside. At times what I find when I sweep the dust within me, causes me to cringe. I do not look at it and smile. But it is me. This raw dust is me.

Then I sit. I rest my broom next to me, and I examine what I’ve found. Sometimes, I cry. Always, I pray. And when I finally muster the courage to grab the broom again, I sweep further the next time. I extend my reach deeper within the recesses of my being, and take pride knowing that I’m doing my best. I may gather dust from time to time, but I venture back inside. With each sweep I gather, I examine, I clean. If I am to grow, my soul must not be buried.

I may succumb to my psyche’s knee-jerk reaction to find fault with what I see, to view myself as a failure for not being the image of perfection others may want me to be. But then I sit again. I rest the broom again, and I pray. And if I quiet my mind long enough the voice within me speaks, and so too comes its peace. I won’t condemn who I am. I do not and will not find fault even within the raw pieces of my being. I may have a lot of work left to do, but  am pleased with who I’ve become. I am pleased with who I am.

I was brought here for a reason, dear reader, and so were you. That reason was not so that you should feel less than. It wasn’t so that you should feel guilty for not being perfect. It’s so that one day as you sit with that broom resting beside you, you realize that you came from perfection. And within every particle in your being there is perfection. Not because you do or say everything right. Not because you have all the answers, but because you came from perfection, therefore you are inherently just as you are meant to be. You are a work in progress. We don’t damn the seed for not being a full grown oak. As the hard winds push against it, the seed does not hide, it does not shrink, it gets stronger. You will get there as long as you too move forward.

Feel no shame. Feel no guilt. You are not less than. You cannot be less than your point of origin. And your point of origin is divine source. So take your broom dear reader, keep cleaning. Keep taking stock of where you are at and from where you came. The mere act of looking at yourself with a kind eye means you are moving forward. It is my belief that we are here to arrive at that understanding. You are worthy. You may not do or say everything right. And that’s okay. Own it. Admit it. Give yourself and the world around you some slack. The same energy that is nestled within every seed, rests within you. You are meant to grow. You are meant to transform. It was never intended of you to become perfect. You arrived from perfection. Perfection rests within you, not beyond you. Now tap into it. Perfection is God and God lives in joy. God lives in appreciation. God lives in love. So dust off the seed. Get centered, and move forward, expand in those directions.

And if you are wondering if you are living a life that is right, if you are in alignment, if you are honoring God, ask yourself if you are moving toward joy, appreciation and love. You are meant to feel love. You are meant to be happy. God lives in the seed. The seed is you. Dust it off, and let it grow.




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