catalina-origliberation |ˌlibəˈrāSHən|

The act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release: the liberation of all prisoners. Freedom from limits on thought or behavior.

There have been times when I’ve stood in the prison of my own making. Yet, it was I who turned the key that kept me locked away. I could damn myself for those moments. But I won’t. Nothing is gained from hatred, inward or outward. Instead, I’ve come to learn what those moments were all about. Over time, my soul has become the sovereign ruler who has consistently liberated me. We own the key. We own the power to lock ourselves or set ourselves free.

It takes practice and desire to look at life and see through the gossamer veil, and view the process hidden behind. We have a choice when it comes to everything life presents to us. That truth alone is the life changing. We can look at our fear and see the unhealed parts of ourself begging our attention or we can become a prisoner to it.

Fear and doubt have no power in and of themselves. They can not deny us our dreams. What these two vital emotional responses do is signal to us an important moment in the evolution of our soul. Don’t turn from it. Face it. Face it with your full self. If you fear that you are not good enough, please know the moment was brought before you by your soul for you to heal the damaged part that has been holding this disbelief. The divine within you has presented you with this critical turning point. The direction you turn is up to you.

But if not dealt with the moment will be brought before you again. A person may come your way who is like a breath of fresh air. But with them will also come the opportunity that brings your fears to the surface. Not for you to stop your movements. Not because this person is bad. But so you can face your fears or past hurts, heal them, then finally release them.

This is not an act of punishment from God. It is, in fact, the most loving thing Spirit can do for you – forcing you to face what shackles you.

The key is always in your hand, dear reader. Every chance that comes your way to release what holds you down, take it. It may hurt like hell. If it was instilled painfully, it will exit painfully. But your soul wants to release what’s unhealthy. If not, the opportunity would not have arrived. That is what fear is showing you. Have faith. Let go. Open your heart. Then and only then can the good stuff get in. And isn’t that what makes this life worth living?


2 thoughts on “Liberation

  1. davecenker

    There is one line in this piece, as simple as it may be, that really resonated with me. “If it was instilled painfully, it will exit painfully.” It is ironic that when we are presented with these opportunities, we sometimes don’t even recognize them as that. Instead, we look at them as a threat to our co-dependent reliance on that thing which controls us, the fear and hurt.

    Too often, it is easier to stay where we are, accept the imminent pain because we have become numb to it, just a little more won’t make a difference. But, what will make the biggest difference is facing it head on, and choosing to expel it from your being. It is then, as you say, that we are able to let the good stuff in. And when you feel what that feels like, we will wonder why it is we didn’t do it sooner 😉

    Thanks for a wonderful post and best wishes for an inspired day!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you for sharing this. I am glad that this piece resonated with you. I agree, face it. If not, then it will overshadow us wherever we go.

      Love to you, my friend ~ S


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