Let it Go

Let it Go

A friend mentioned recently that like Elsa in the Disney movie, Frozen, we all need to let it go. I thought about that for a moment, and the context with which she was speaking,  then said, “Elsa didn’t let go, she ran away. Then she lived in isolation, trapped by that from which she was running. As a result, all hell broke loose.” But I do understand what my friend meant, and I agree. Let go, but don’t run away.

We all have hurts. We all have suffered certain trauma; some big, some small. Unless dealt with, these hurts leave their mark within our being. We create within ourselves a pain center. Then, everything that unfolds in our life, the good and the bad, the blessings and the woes, all meet up against this pain center.

And as our life plays out, it does so viewed, felt and processed through this unhealed part of our self. And it doesn’t matter how much we may want for ourselves, unless tended to, everything that comes our way will be affected by our pain. Our authentic self sits behind this center, our psyche before it. Our children are raised with the influences of this pain center. Our work, our social interactions, everything is impacted by what is inside of us.  As you can imagine, my pain center was deep and wide. I had enough unresolved issues within me to provide fodder for my own behavioral health study. I had my dark night of the soul, though. During that walk through the darkness within I battled my inner dragons. By that time they were dragons, larger than life. Actually, they had become my life. My soul turned my awareness though, and demanded that I see with eyes wide open. It was then that I began the process of confronting, healing and letting go. Just like breathing, just like logging days on the calendar, it’s a continual thing. But they aren’t dragons when released early; they aren’t given time to become obstacles. I did and still am doing the work. And so can you. If you are reading my words, I have to believe, you already are.

We are the ones who understand that running away means running from our heart, not from that which pains us. Our pain center goes with us wherever we go. It can and will stand between us and all that we want for ourselves. But have you realized, dear reader, that your pain center is one of the main reasons why you are here? It is what you are here to work through. Look at your hurts, see the theme. I want you to see how the events that caused these hurts all consist of similar nuances. They are connected. Your soul has brought these events before you, so you would overcome them, not so they would overcome you.

Please, dear reader, heal your pain center, don’t let it block you. Heal it, then let it go.


6 thoughts on “Let it Go

  1. caseylove1985

    Letting go for some takes practice and time, “we” have to be willing to let go and live our lives the best that we can, life does go on, life does not “care” if we are unable to “catch up,” it is up to us to hang on.

    I know it’s a daily process with me, I know if I want to continue “living” enjoying life, having joy, having peace, I must start to let go even if it’s piece by piece,.


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