In Focus


When it comes to to this thing called living, may I offer an analogy: We view life through a lens. Keep it crystal clear, and readjust the focus as necessary.

That sounds so simple. But often the most important principles in life are, indeed, simple. We overwork, over analyze the way in which we perceive life. Yet, the fundamentals should be quite straight forward.

If not maintained, the lens through which you view your world becomes clouded from past experiences. And if you’ve allowed your soul to grow, the lens of ten years ago may not, and should not, be the correct focus for today. Due to such, stop holding yourself accountable to a lens that no longer serves you. Stop squinting to see clearly what made sense then, but no longer makes sense to a soul that has outgrown such beliefs. Beliefs are not meant to be static. We are meant to outgrow the perimeters we built in our youth. You would not expect a developing nation to remain fixed within the structures it built during its earlier stages. Yet, so often this is what we expect from ourselves. Tear down your walls once you notice you are continually bumping up against them. And oh dear reader, I do hope you are bumping up against them, and not away from them. The seed did not come forth to shirk into the soil. It came forth to push through. The same is true for you.

Take stock of these things. You need not share any of your findings with anyone. But do share it with you. You can only deceive yourself for so long. Every day we create new truths within ourselves. Own them as you move along. Don’t feel because you saw the world a certain way, once, means that you are tied to seeing it that way for a lifetime. You wouldn’t expect that of a child in school. Quite the opposite. In fact, you look at those that don’t move up the academic ladder at a steady pace as lacking. Yet, spiritually we often do the same.

Unresolved issues are like smudges that prohibit a clear view. It is your job, and no one else’s, to wipe the lens clean. Unhealed pains are like scratches that make it impossible to see with clarity due to distortion. You were not intended to view your world through the smudges and scratches of your past. Those moments were meant to change you, not prohibit and distort your view.

So, as we head into a new week I ask that you step back from your perception point, and come to the understanding that you were meant to reach for a new lens along the way. It may require that you reach further. But in time that new reach will become the familiar reach. Then, just as the seed pushes higher towards the sun, and the city requires that it broaden its territory, you too will once again feel the push to readjust. All of this takes work. But what is your other option. I do not want to see the new possibilities life offers me through the haze and damage of my past. My past caused the growth that forced me to reach for a newer, vibrantly clear lens. Life will bring new, wonderful people, experiences and things to your doorstep. It’s up to you how you view each of them. Once they arrive, dear reader, you owe it to the force that is Love and Life to see these gifts clearly. Most importantly, you owe it to you.


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