Vibrational Callings


People are sometimes taken back by my comedic nature. As a novelist and spiritual writer, it must seem unfitting that my knee jerk reaction to daily life would be humor. Since my earliest memories though, laughter has been my counter balance. And as much as I was given a heavily weighted upbringing by my father, I’ve come to understand that he also gave me his counter weight – laughter.

My father could make me laugh like no other. He was a beautiful, but tortured being. But oh how his soul liked to laugh. Mine too. And that’s how I look at it, my soul likes to laugh. Even the bible teaches that joy is the presence of God. Like love, joy is one of the purest vibrations connecting us to Source.

There have been times in my life when a smile would not emerge upon my face. Devastating moments in my journey. During those times my cork was pulled under. And that is exactly where I had to be at that time. But eventually my cork rose, and when it did, I was peppering my soulful world with the potent energy of joy. On days when I am feeling stagnant and glum I seek out joy. On days when it comes naturally, I dole it out to others. All phases of being have purpose, but I always know I’m my most centered when feeling these two energies. One sits at the right hand of God, the other to the left.

And if there is any truth behind the draw of vibrational energy then it is no surprise to me that those to whom I’m closest all possess a clever sense of humor. And, one of the sexiest attributes a man can have is a smart comedic sense. But there is more to it than that. When we operate from a place of joy or love, we are operating on a higher level. Those higher levels open doors that can’t be opened when we are functioning from a place of fear or doubt. I feel we are always connected to Source. How can we not be? We are always a part of that from which we came. It’s just one is constricted and one is open.

My life unfolds more to my liking when I’m coming from a place of love. There are times when people question how it is I can offer love to those who seem undeserving. That’s easy – I’m deserving. On a soul level the word deserve doesn’t exist, at least not from a punitive standpoint. But overall, I’m deserving of the powerful effects that can only be felt from these two energies. I’m deserving of keeping my conduit strong, and the manifestations that seem to come out of thin air when I’m positioned on that particular pathway. I believe the better it gets, the better it gets. As always there will be times when life lessons, catalysts or fated pressures are brought my way. And they may very well pull me under. But that’s okay. I won’t deny the necessity of those moments. But at least the positive people and experiences that I’ve drawn to myself during the good times will help sustain me during the hard times.

I hope you think about your joy. If you don’t feel it, seek it out. Create within yourself the new default position of operating from these two places. You may have to reach a little further to get there. It doesn’t always come easy. But in time, it will become your natural path. It will be the place to which you return once you’ve dealt with the blows of life. I give thanks for all those who have infused my life with their love and joy. And I give thanks to my father who taught me the potency of laughter. Where fear closes the conduit, joy opens. So kick your head back, let out some laughter, and let the good stuff in.



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