Take Me to Church


I’ve been asked by a few, where it is I go when communing with God; to what church do I belong. Let me take this opportunity to explain what, very well, may be the most important part of who I am: My relationship with God.

I go to church often. It would be more accurate to say, rarely am I not in church. My relationship with God does not follow anyone else’s guidelines except those of my own. The who, what and where of it, are all up to me. Most often, I feel God’s presence when surrounded by music. There have been moments when a simple song has altered my entire course. Something about the energy within the rhythm resonated with my own, and the synchronicity changed me. Music was the constant backdrop as I wrote my first novel, and almost always, it plays when I write these posts. Actually, unless listening to nature, music is almost always playing in my world.

It might surprise some of you to know that I also feel the presence of God as the straight pipes on my Harley scrape along the pavement on a perfectly banked curve. Those moments are like heaven, to me. Every chakra within me spins to life as I lean deeper into gravity’s pull. To some it may seem like God has no place within those seemingly dangerous moments. I disagree. God is in all things. So yes, God rides my Harley with me as I routinely push the envelope. God also stands with me as I stare off quietly while seated along the coastline. Just like the sound of the wind swirling through the trees, surely the chorus of  heaven sings within the waves. God is in the serene moments, and God is in the one’s where we feel most infused with life; during moments of utter silence and when sounded by laughter. God is there when we are at rest and when something takes our breath away. And isn’t that how it should be?

Over the last few months I’ve been sitting quietly within myself. I arrived at this place due to reaching an impasse. An impasse is an important marker. Or at least, they are to me. In those moments we’re made to hit the pause button. There we sit. We can either turn around; which defeats growth. Or we can take the time to evaluate where we’re at, make some changes if necessary, then press on; which defines growth.

Growth only happens by pressing through that which was. Growth is always new. It’s the embodiment of change. Everything in life comes about via change. Some welcomed, some not. Some comes with ease, and some with discomfort. The other option is stagnation. And to me, stagnation is the one place where I least feel the presence of God.

It’s good to take stock every now and again. We may not like what we see when we do, but that’s life. Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. Please remember though, that life does get more fun when we stop trying to demand that it fit within certain guidelines. And the last thing I want to stuff in a box is my time with God. It’s important that we take a moment to figure out what works for us. Life is singular. Your journey is personal. So dear reader, take those pause moments when they are given and look around. There is a reason why you’ve arrived here. Perhaps something is trying to get your attention. Maybe changes need to be made. Either way, while there, take time to feel the energy of life. As for me, I’ll be spending my weekend surrounded by what is church to me: music and water. Not only do I find God in these two things, I often find me.





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