Doesn’t Really Matter To Me

How We Got Here

A few shifts have happened in my life over these last few months. All of which have caused me to step back. I don’t believe I’ve ever entered a more contemplative, meditative, healing stage of my life. I have paused. But as I do, I’ve often found myself looking back over the things I’ve shared with you. When I write I rarely do so with preconceived intent. I merely allow it to flow. The words that emerge are often meant for my eyes as much as much as yours. It was written years ago, but the below post spoke to me today. Perhaps it will also speak to you.

I believe both in creation and in evolution. It’s safe to say all things were created, somehow. It’s also safe to say that most everything we see around us, including us, has evolved, somewhat. Evolution has no boundaries. We evolve spiritually, physically and mentally. As we should. We wouldn’t develop otherwise.

My mind can do nothing but blend the two methods. It’s the how and when that seem to cause the riff for others. Many of the creationist firmly believe, and won’t consider anything but, the theory that mankind was created by God, who brought us about one fateful day when creating Adam. This being the story, as written in the Bible.

I do better when viewing the Bible less like a biography, and more like an analogical reference book, with a heavy use for metaphors. Maybe that’s because I can’t imagine a Being that creates a person (Adam), then upon deciding another is needed, reaches down and uses one of Adam’s ribs to do so. It simply goes against logic. My first thought is: Why didn’t He make a completely new person, using all new parts? After all, He just made Adam. Heck, He just made – everything. Did He also swipe various parts from other critters? Did He grab an extra leg from a centipede and use it to make the caterpillar? I wasn’t there. I don’t know. But I highly doubt it. I do feel however, when the story of man’s creation, as told in the Bible, is looked at abstractly, great meaning can be found; life altering meaning.

Again, another question that settles into my mind is, if we are to take the text literally, then was this text accurately transcribed, and re-transcribed. The Bible is a version after all. I have to wonder how the story went in the first version. Did the first version go over so dreadfully with the masses or priests that it needed slight, or substantial modification? All of which are questions to which I’ll never get answers. I do know this, if someone told me a story, but prefaced it by saying, this is a version of what really happened; I’d question it considerably. Don’t even get me started on all the books that were left out of the final manuscript we now have before us.

This force that resides behind and within all things, causes big bangs, black holes, and creates the far-reaching galaxies, also resides within me and within you. That I do know. And nothing about that belief challenges my spirituality. Of course, my spirituality rests more in the cosmos than in the pages of a book or any teachings that come from the mouth of mankind. Mankind is no more perfect than an apple tree; which in addition to creating good apples, often bears a few pieces of fruit that are dark and pitted.

If I’m the descendant of an ape; I don’t mind. I still see the divine energy in that theory. Even the best artisan has to begin somewhere, usually creating roughly etched, or crudely shaped sculptures before settling on a masterpiece. If I came straight from Adam; I don’t mind. If this energy force can create planets and the beauty of a sunset, then it probably took no more than a few minutes to create a human.

In my opinion, how we were brought about doesn’t have to fit into any certain religious mold. Religion is man made, life energy is not. To me, religion is man’s attempt to control the uncontrollable; to rationalize that which is beyond comprehension. Maybe the plan was to create using evolution. Of course, even I know, and willingly admit, that I’m simplifying something that so many don’t want made simple. No one wants to be challenged about their beliefs. I don’t feel challenged about it. My mind is open, and I like it that way.



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