Often words from me are for when life gets hard. Typically, that’s when we need that extra voice reminding us to hold on, or let go, as the case may be. Please know, dear reader, it’s my belief that life equally brings us moments in which it hopes we have fun. When deep joy bubbles up inside us, we get to feel the magic of life moving from within. God’s breath. The hum of the Universe. So, as you embark upon your weekend, don’t overlook the importance of happiness.

Every cell in your body responds favorably when you feel joy. Your mind creates and sends out beneficial hormones when the mind and spirit are lifted. And similar to when in deep meditation, joy has a way of loosening our constraints. We become freer, more allowing. The Universe has an easier time working with us when we are in these two states. So, never underestimate the great value found when pursuing your happiness. That path, is the path to good things.

This world of ours operates using energy waves and frequencies. This is true whether we understand it or not. Pure love, pure compassion, pure joy, are high frequencies. Hate, jealousy, hoarding, are, in comparison, low frequencies. The more you tap into and remain at those higher frequencies the more open your being and in alignment with God, the Universe or whatever you like to call this vastly misunderstood and incomprehensible force that rests behind and within all things.

With this thought in mind, please stop and look at your actions when you are continually turning away from that which brings you joy. Happiness has a way of opening up the portal of hope for those who have long since given up. Shortly after allowing themselves to feel good, they suddenly envision something better for themselves. They think beyond their pain center. They find new strength and momentum that wasn’t easily found before. There is a reason for this – they changed frequencies. I once read something that I believe to be true: you can’t find the answer when focused upon the problem; they rest at different frequencies. That may seem overly simplified. But it is that simple. I can not listen to my favorite music if I keep the dial set to talk radio. I can not watch my beloved Colbert Report if my cable receiver is set to Fox News. It won’t happen. The two do not intersect. I have to change the settings to find what I want.

I plan to change the setting this weekend. I plan to embrace joy with my daughter as we amble in and out of little stores that dot the shoreline. The things I’ve been sitting with, as of late, won’t go away. But my ability to make sense of them, beyond where I have, requires a shift. I’ve given them my time, my meditative thoughts and my patience. Now this soft-spoken writer wants only to laugh. So laugh, I will. I might even don my gorillas suit, if properly prompted. While tooling down the highway with my daughter, filling the confines of my Jeep with the din of my singing, the filter that allows me to receive will open further. Joy has a cleansing ability. It often wipes away the residue that clouds our view.

If you are able to do so, and I hope you are, please seek joy. Turn up the music. Get animated. Laugh with friends or alone watching a good show. And if the fodder that makes you smile doesn’t land readily at your feet, seek it out and make it your own. Do what you have to do. Cleanse your soul. Lighten your spirit. Seek joy. You deserve to feel good. Happiness is more than a balm for the mind. Joy has the ability to recalibrate the many layers of your being, and bring you back into alignment.


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