Monthly Archives: January 2015

Rebel Spirit


I am blessed; not because of the things that’ve come easily into my life or because things have always fallen into place. I am blessed because I’ve come to the point in my existence where I can see the larger picture. I know who I am.

I can see why those who support me have been brought into my life. And I can see why those who try to tear me down have entered in. I have come to the point where the work of my soul sits front and center within my mind’s eye.

Recently I stood before someone who took delight in attempting to throw me off-balance. In that moment, I felt my personal power slip from my hand. I would be lying, dear reader, if I said it didn’t sting. And although I didn’t play into the moment, the moment stayed with me for days. I prayed. Then I allowed myself to ask the questions that needed asking.

While we are busy paying our bills and turning the channel on the tv, Life remains busy trying to honor the requests of our soul. And our soul wants to experience, evolve and heal those things within us that have not been healed. This work takes lifetimes for the soul. Never once is it held against us, though. The mind keeps score, the soul does not. The soul stays steady on its journey, and silently beckons to the universe to bring another opportunity our way. The soul knows life gets better when we heal and expand. New doors are opened. New joys are found. Things we never believed were within our grasp suddenly land in our hand. The soul knows this. The mind, does not.

I am thankful for this person who mocked my sensitive soul. I am sensitive, no doubt. I am sensitive to the ways of this world and the gentle energies that surround others. I am strong enough to consider this a gift. This took decades. I spent much of my life feeling less than due to this gift. And this person touched upon that. However, this person reminded me of one of the reasons why my heart continues to beat – to remind you – to never hand over your power. The complete body of my spiritual work, all my writings, and projects have always been marked by one similarity: reminding you of your worth. I will never tell you its easy. But I will tell you that within you rests the strength to claim who you are. But first, you must know who you are.

Let me introduce you to the words that are yours to own, if you so choose: I am worthy. I am more than enough. The Divine rests within me. I am strong, even when I feel weak. I am guided by my inner source. And that source is part of the larger source that guides the waves, the stars and growth of leaves on a once snow-covered barren tree. I have a right to be happy; to feel love; to give love. I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am enough. 

When I looked at this person I saw the work his soul was attempting to do in him, but I also saw the work my soul was attempting to do in me.

Never hand over your power, dear reader. No one can take it from you unless you release it and hand it over. Never believe yourself to be less than. And most of all – remember – you are not alone. And if you don’t believe it, I’ll be around. And I will remind you.


Stepping Forward


I ended last year writing the post, Fuck It. The End; the second most read post on this site. I started 2014 lifting anchor and setting sail. I’m still sailing, dear reader. But doing so on relatively calm seas.

As I float along I’ve looked back over the year. I’ve given careful thought to where I’ve come up short and where I stood firmly within the shoes of my Higher Self. As its meant to do, my view of Life has grown clearer, and with greater understanding. It is with more wisdom that I see how Life has presented me with many experiences that held potential for my growth. In each moment rested an opportunity for all players involved to grow spiritually and as a human beings. It was and is not my job to control the responses made by others. My job was, and always will be, to give careful consideration to how I respond. My work rests with me; it all ripples outward from there.

Even now, Life has presented me with an opportunity to further align myself with God, and All That Is. The closer in alignment I am to God the further my soul expands, the greater my life becomes. I feel better when I live from a place where my center-point is closely seated to God. God is unconditional love, compassion and understanding. Generally, when I stray I notice I’m filled with angst, doubt and fear. There have been times over this last year when my mind overshadowed my soul and I stepped away from my inner-place of knowing. Those moments were not wrong. I can still cultivate good from them as long as I allow myself to learn from them.

Take a moment, dear reader, and think about some of the moments that have come your way over the last year. See yourself. Now, look at the version of you that stepped forward.  Maybe you haven’t always liked how you have shown up. Maybe now, with reflection, you see how you sold yourself short, compromised yourself or another. Maybe now, with time granting you objectivity, you see things differently. It’s okay. Just honor yourself enough to grow and learn from what you see. The value from those moments isn’t lost because they have come and gone. Truthfully, those moments remain because they remain within you. The energy exists, and always will. Now, are you going to use that energy for good, honoring yourself, God and All That Is. Or are you going to use that energy to further separate yourself from God and All That Is.

Right now, today, you have the power to completely change everything. It is never too late.

My hope is that the upcoming year continues to provide you the opportunities to grow. And it will. My deeper hope is that you use those moments to grow your love, compassion and understanding for yourself, and others. This doesn’t mean hugging those you loathe. They are loathsome for a reason. Perhaps they are there to give you the resistance by which you learn to stand stronger within yourself, and how to do so with grace. Maybe you will experience the one that makes your heart swell and sing. They’ve come your way for a reason too. Maybe so you learn to trust and allow it in. Perhaps things come your way bringing you joy, thereby indicating the direction in which your soul was meant to go. Likewise, things may come your way that fill you with emptiness and hurting to indicate you’re straying from your center-point. These opportunities exist. What matters is how you respond. What version of you shows up. When your name is called, who steps forward.

So with that, let me end this first post of 2015 having reminded you that you are not here by chance. You are here so that you can use all of these many moments that Life brings your way for guidance and to grow, not just as a person, but as a soul.