Writing your Story


Every day is a blank slate. Every day you get to choose what you believe. And every day, whether you realize it or not, you write a story. In time, that story becomes your truth.

It is important that we consider the words we use within ourselves. Even the most self-defeating words we keep imprisoned within our mind eventually make it onto the page. Perhaps subtly, at first. But over time they will appear. Everything we believe, whether spoken or not, comes alive. Our beliefs color and shape our world. So, believe well.

And just because you have thought a thought all your life, doesn’t mean it is the thought you must think now. It may be the thought most readily available. It may be the thought that is most familiar. And it may be your default thought. But unless it feels good – you don’t need to put it into the story that is played over and over within your mind. You get to think a better thought.

Habitual thoughts are not always the best thoughts. They don’t always serve you. And they surely don’t always honor you, or others.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly writing. As life unfolds, especially during the rough times, our mind scrambles to fill in the blanks. And because the mind struggles to trust the soul, it looks everywhere to find data to support its conclusions. The mind of the ego will work overtime trying to validate all that has been done wrong to it. All that hasn’t worked out. All the injustices and failures. Unfortunately, this data is usually distorted or false.

The mind says, “Well this happened and that happened, and it all means this… I knew it.” Does it? What does the mind really know?

The mind will always mirror our beliefs. The mind is the filter through which we perceive our world. So, are you believing from a place of love or from a place of fear. Dear reader, listen to the story that is being written within your mind. Does it make you smile? Does it fill you with hope and eagerness to see what’s going to happen next? Or does it fill you with anxiety, hopelessness and dread?

“But life has gotten sucky. And nothing every works out. And people are mean. And, and, and…”

I understand. It takes courage to have faith. It takes courage to live with an open heart. And it surely takes courage to look upon one’s life during the rough times and believe that it’ll be okay. No one every said any of this was going to be easy. But it is worth it.

It is worth it to believe that although today may be difficult, it will get better. It is worth it to believe that even though there are things going on that you truly do not understand, in time it will all make sense. It is worth it to believe that twists and turns are inherent to life. It is worth it to believe that you are not alone. It is worth it to believe that you are worthy, and life will – in time – reflect that, as long as you believe that.

But it all starts with the story of your choosing. So I ask what story are you writing within yourself? Don’t let anyone else’s story become your own. And, oh dear reader, please don’t let your fears hold the pen. Write from a place of knowing and believing and trusting that you are loved and all is well. Because as long as you believe it, it is.



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