The Gift of Love


“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

Dear reader, if I have one wish for you this holiday season, it is that you give yourself the gift of love. This is not a selfish endeavor, as the kind of love of which I speak is not based in ego. It is the love of God. It is the love of Source, and All That Is. It is hard to give ourselves this most precious gift because it is love without judgment. Many do not know how to view themselves in such a way. Instead, we only know how to look upon ourselves and render certain aspects as acceptable, or not acceptable. Good or bad. Worthy or unworthy. But that isn’t love. Those are opinions based, usually, on half truths and fear. Fear that we are not as we should be. Fear that we are not good enough. Often we act out on these beliefs and cause ourselves a good deal of turmoil and added fodder for our ego to feed upon. But its all due to a missing component – a true love of self, and an unshakable knowing that we are worthy. Yes, we may be broken and have things within us that need to be healed. But we are worthy, just the same.

Spirit doesn’t operate in the same way as the egocentric mind. Spirit simply loves for the sake of loving. God creates. God loves its creation. There is no judgment as Source Energy knows that all things are necessary. Every stage of development is required to accomplish growth. One must stumble, if they are ever to walk. Even if one lives a lifetime operating from a place of brokenness, it is still learning. It may take a few lifetimes to counterbalance all the pain and damage it felt and caused, but its still all part of the larger cycle of experiential growth of the soul. During which, it is still worthy, and loved by God.

When we operate from a place of fear we truly do dishonor who we are. And we surely dishonor others. Those are the times when I believe the heavens cry and the angels shed tears.

So, dear reader, give yourself the gift of Love. Cradle the broken parts within yourself as a loving parent cradles a child who has been harmed, and is thrashing about in pain. Ask yourself the deeper questions, Why do I behave as I do when I feel a certain way? Why do I view myself as unworthy? Why is it I feel I am not enough? Why do I grow so fearful? As answers are given – love what you are shown. You may not like what you see. It may break your heart in two, but without condition, love it. Doing so is the most precious gift you can give yourself.

It is the gift of Self Love. Without it, one can never love another. Without it, one can never accept love from another. We can not wave a wand and magically change the world around us. But we can change ourselves, and by doing so, change the world.  God does not look down upon you and up toward another. There is no grading system coming from Heaven. That is the cruel handy work of the mind. So as you go about the next few days, remember – love is patient, love is kind. So do as love does, look upon yourself with kindness, give yourself time. Give yourself the gift of Love.


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