Think I’ll Just Sit Awhile


Marilyn Monroe Photo Credit: Auction Export Blog

Tomorrow my life will go back to its usual busy-ness. So, I want to make a moment to write to you, dear reader.

If you’ve been feeling the peculiarity in the air lately, you’re not alone. Things are moving. For many of us, we are coming upon an important point in the road. We’ve been driving a long, long time. And, truthfully, we are tired. But, like any good road trip, we’ve rounded another corner, brought ourselves over the knoll and before us is a moment of awakening.

We’re getting a little clearer and little better and owning our power a little more. Let me explain what I mean by that. This isn’t the kind of power the world seeks. The kind of power of which I speak is personal. It’s another moment of self discovery that points to our part in the unfolding of our life.

It’s easy to point outward. But, when one is aware of their spiritual journey – we’re all on one, whether aware or not – they slowly begin to realize that life is all about how they respond to what’s happening around them. And many of those happenings are brought about by our beliefs. If you don’t believe me, dear reader, then take tomorrow and look upon it differently. We walk through this world with a filter – all of us. Our filter gets weighed down with wounds, fears and mental judgments. And more often than not, the judgments are wrong. Every person, without exception, is having a spiritual experience.  They are the major gravitational force within their life, just as you are with yours. See love. See openness. With yourself and with them. Even in the midst of chaos and turmoil and angry drivers and inconsiderate comments. Be what you want to see in the world. Coast forward with the deliberate intent of holding childlike optimism and openness in your heart. Give everyone a break. Including you. Breathe.

Now, do it again. And again.

That is the point at which many of us have found ourselves. Aware. Aware of our part in all this. Aware that the ultimate power over our lives rests with us. To think otherwise would be disingenuous. We know better. Now, I don’t say this lightly. I’ve had things done to me that were completely out of my control. I have to imagine my soul knew what I needed to experience for reasons even I don’t understand. It’s what I do with the experience that matters now. And perhaps that is why I had the experience – to later decide what I wanted to do with it. Let it scar me beyond recognition or let it open me to a deeper level of understanding and compassion and empowerment. I chose the latter.

But it took years to make that decision. I sat at that particular intersection for decades. And that’s okay. Life is like a road trip. Some days we sit behind the wheel not knowing what we’re doing or where we should go. Immobilized. Other days are spent speeding forward and enjoying the hills and curves and view. All of it, is part of it. And those days spent staring blankly forward, well, often there’s some inner healing going on. So don’t damn the pauses in life. Life is maddening and frustrating and saddening and exhilarating and glorious. The one, and only, thing that remains a constant within your life – is you. You are the driver. You decide how to respond every step of the way. So clean out the backseat. Get yourself in order. Put the top down, and take a moment to relish the new view before you. Heaven is here on earth. Look at it. It’s not out there, though. It’s within you.


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