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Thank you

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Never before has it been so apparent to tell those who give a damn from those who don’t. It’s as though the Universe lifted the veil making it easy to identify who gives a flying fuck about others from those who don’t. And to those who care about me, thank you.

Dear reader, when you wear a mask to prevent possibly spreading a virus onto others, you are telling me you give a damn about me. And for that, I thank you. To you, this post is written. To the rest of you, go fuck your self righteous selves. I’m tired of you and you’re higher than thou excuses for your behavior. As a writer it pains me to admit this, but actions speak louder than words. Check yourselves. Check your actions. Look in the mirror and ask yourself why you believe you matter more than anyone else. You don’t.

I’m madder than hell with those who use words to mask their incredible insensitivities toward humanity. Fuck you.

Dear reader, I write this blog to remind us that we aren’t alone. It’s super easy right now to feel alone. But you’re not. You are surrounded by exceptional people. You may not know their names. You may never share a hug with them. But they are there, and their numbers are great. So, moving forward, I want everyone to let their gaze fall upon those who have taken that outward step to protect you. Their actions are true to Source. All That Is, is Love. Love gives a damn. Love reaches further to help others. Love protects. And that is what wearing a mask does – it protects others. And there is no greater outward sign of love than that. 

I don’t know how well my heart would handle coming down with this particular virus. Without going into too much detail, I don’t think it would do all that well. So to those who choose to protect me, thank you. You don’t know that about me when you walk past me. Which makes it all the more impactful. It’s caring for the sake of caring.

Dear reader, the Universe is watching and responding. What you are doing, as simple of an act as it is, represents who you are. And who you are is someone who doesn’t want to risk harming anyone; one of the most basic tenets of love. That’s why I wear one. Even though I feel like I’m suffocating while wearing it, I do it. I do it to protect you. Is it bothersome, yes. Yes, it is. So is driving the speed limit or staying in my lane. But I do it. Because if I didn’t, who knows the wake of damage I’d leave behind me. Miles ahead I may be fine, but those I left behind might not be. 

Ugliness is magnified right now. But, I want you to look for the caretakers, the peacemakers, the mask wearers. Those who are showing up with love as their guide. At first you may not see them, they aren’t thumping their chests loudly. They aren’t acting as if the world revolves around them. But they are there. I want you to look for them. Notice them.

Love is kind. Love helps. Love encourages and uplifts. Love is inclusive. Love unites. Love gives a damn about those around them.

And if my bluntness offends anyone, I do not apologize. Because there are no other words that embody the true intent of what I want to express here, other than the ones I have chosen. I feel good with them. My compass is still pointing true north. 


Bleeding Heart Liberal

A lover of mine once called me a bleeding heart liberal. Perhaps he thought he was being coy. I thought he was being an ass. Am I a bleeding heart liberal – yes. I suppose I am. If it means I think a bit more about the welfare of others and a bit less about dominating others, then please feel free to add it to my epitaph.

What I find interesting is how often people toss around that label, bleeding heart, thinking it’s recipient is passive. Somehow less than. Perhaps even weak. I can assure you, it takes great strength to share. It takes courage to think beyond one’s self. Selfishness is easy.  Caring – that takes strength. 

So what is a bleeding heart liberal? Or at least, who is this bleeding heart liberal writing to you now? Well, dear reader, I’m not what certain media outlets and FaceBook post-bots would lead you to believe. I am a person who cares. I care about you. I care about your dreams. I care about your fears. I want you to flourish. I want you to feel secure. Not from false promises, but because you truly are.

So here’s the rub, I want that for you regardless of your color, your age, your sexual orientation, your nationality, your family structure or your mailing address zip code. Yes, there are those out there who only want those who live near them to flourish. That’s not me. I also don’t care your level of education. Most likely, many of you will far surpass that of my own. I don’t care. I have nothing to prove by dominating anyone. I don’t need to surpass anyone to feel better about who I am. Life isn’t a contest. I know who I am. And if this is what a bleeding heart liberal is, then I feel I’ve accomplished what I came into this life to accomplish. Because what it all comes down to is one thing, and one thing alone – love. And if loving you, without knowing you means my heart bleeds, then let it bleed. 

Things might feel a bit scary for some of you as of late. Anger is swirling. Division is heightened. Hell, even I feel divided. Following in the footsteps of the first bleeding heart, I too, am ready to flip some tables. 

I want you to know I’m here. With my compass still held steady. Enduring the bad days along with you. But always taking the time to step back and make sure who I am, who in me that’s showing up is still someone I feel good with. Oh, and that lover? I’m sure it’s obvious to you, dear reader, he didn’t even know me. All I can do is bless him and hope when he sits in church he starts to think of others. Kind of like Jesus, and that beautiful, glorious bleeding heart of His.


Photo Credit: Anke-Eve Goldmann is a European legend. Born in Germany on November 27, 1930, Anke-Eve defied the trends of her day and age, since she devoted so much of her life to motorcycles. Found at

True North

Breathe in. Breathe out. Dig deep, and go inward. Feel who you are. There is nothing better. Of this, I can assure you. When you are lost, within rests what will save you; it is your compass, and it belongs to no other. Due to such, if consulted it will guide you to your True North; not in the direction meant for another. That is their journey. Yours is yours.

We try so hard to fit into the molds cast by others; shapes and forms determined by those that surround us: friends, family, the media; all possessing preconceived notions as to what we should and should not be. You are a flexible being, but the boundaries that confine you, the outline that defines you – is for you to determine. Be bold, my friend. Hold fast to your true self. Try not to waver and cave to the ideas and opinions of others. You are not them. And they are not you. Seek no one’s approval but that of your own. And give it to yourself freely.

When teaching children to love who they are, I remind them that it is those who break boundaries held by the norm that also change the world. Nothing new is discovered unless we reach beyond the known. And it is there that new “knowns” and boundaries are established. I say, keep reaching. Never settle. And if you do, may it be with a deep sigh of contentment – knowing you are where you need to be.

My life is one in which I work hand in hand with something that is a bit beyond my understanding. But it is who I am, and every time I try to function differently, I lose my direction. When the crowd walks to the left, often I am meant to walk to the right. But I am not alone when I do, and for that I am most appreciative. Even in some of my hardest moments I have been given numerous signs that the unfolding, happening in this singular way, in this particular direction, is where I need to be. Sometimes we are meant to follow in the footsteps of another, sometimes we are not. Either way, make sure your steps are in harmony with your True North. It doesn’t matter if you are the first or someone has gone before you. It only matters that it be the direction in resonance with your inner compass.

If only we could hold this compass in the palm of our hand. We can not. But it is there. Within all of us, it is there. So sing loud, or sing soft, if it feels right to you. Wear your hair in shades of blue, or chestnut-brown if it suits you. Be only you, and live your days in harmony with the direction meant for you. Now with that in mind, let’s all walk on.


Standing In Line

Like many, I found myself standing in line yesterday. Granted, I stood behind a rather manly looking woman wearing a t-shirt that read: Got bacon? But just the same, there I was, like everyone else waiting to vote.

I refuse to vote upon anything that I have not carefully studied. And as I’ve been engrossed in getting out two books, I haven’t had time for much else. Due to such I was in and out rather quickly. However, while waiting my turn, I thought about the process; extending our efforts in an attempt to cause change. I can’t help but to question the efficacy of the process and the end result achieved. With something of this magnitude, I feel it will take more than picking and choosing new players every few years. Because the players, whether I feel they have the best interest of the people at heart or not, are all carrying out their work on what is a broken system.  I say this not out of cynicism. It’s not a matter of being a naysayer. It’s that, when I view the establishment, the business that is our government, I can not see how success, on a whole, is an option.

Sadly, I feel our political system, this entity that dictates so much, is a house divided against itself. And unfortunately, we as a nation often mirror the division. Or worse, we are the division. I do not feel anything that is divided against itself will produce a good outcome. So for the time being, our efforts are much like that of painting a house one color, some painting it a different color, all the while bickering about the color yet never stopping to first repair the house that is crumbling.

I ran a business, a successful one at that, for quite some time. And most business owners know the success of the business rests on its structural integrity; its foundation needs to be healthy. Even with a steady flow of customers, buyers, and clients; if the organization isn’t being run well, its death is imminent.

We are all touched by this entity that in many ways, other than casting a vote, we personally can’t touch, mold or reshape to the extent that we’d like. I am open to most views. More so I feel all views are valid. As a writer, objectivity is the cornerstone of my being. I feel to cement my viewpoint would harden me in one position, when it is essential that I leave myself flexible and open. So at this point in my life, this is where I must remain.

I realize that quite a few believe their man will save the day. I don’t believe it to be so. I do not think it is possible for anyone, regardless of their interests, to mend a home while said home is falling apart. A new foundation needs to be established if this great house of ours is to rise again. A foundation that is built carefully. It will always be a delicate thing, having something touch upon our lives, while refraining from touching upon our freedoms.

If you are mourning a loss, my sympathies go out to you. If you are rejoicing, then congratulations. In my lifetime, I might see the foundation of this country lifted, excavated and rebuilt. If so, I hope instead of fighting, we all come running – together. For the sake of those who are here now, and those who will come after us.


Listening to We Come Running – Youngblood Hawke

We The People

Immigrants Ellis Island

I am not a Republican. Nor am I a Democrat. I am, however, an American. I am one of the many that form the ‘we’ in the line: We the people of the United States of America.

However, the ‘we’ is now a divided organization that much like a disease, is causing the slow death of the beautiful country, I call home. People lay claim to the notion of defending ‘we,’ all the while undermining one another. Currently, a great number are acting like that of ill behaved school children; lacking displayed wisdom, diplomacy and compassion.

It is not: We the people of the United States will fight and undercut each other until causing this great nation to be a sad spectacle in the eyes of all other countries on the globe; and until having done such irrevocable harm that we are no longer unified, and collapse. At which time as when in ruins, we will blame the other. Because surely its all their fault.

No, I’m quite certain that’s not how it went. I think it goes something like this: We the People  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare

Nothing in this opening line, suggests that we should behave in the manner that is commonplace today. If my children were to behave like many of the adults I see as of late, I would be ashamed and so terribly disappointed. I would sit them down and ask why it is their way is better than anyone else’s. I would ask why they are not showing respect for others. Lastly, I would ask what they are doing to take into account the thoughts and needs of others, in addition to their own.

We have access to some of the best minds in the world. We could, if wanted, choose to use the energy wasted on attacking one another, to find a way to improve this country; serving the needs of all. I have no problem with wealth. I say, have at it. I also have no problem with a government that helps those in need. And I firmly believe we have the wherewithal to do both.

If I were an enemy of the United States, I would merely bide my time. Knowing soon, no use of weaponry against us would be necessary, as we are destroying ourselves. It seems most everyone has an agenda, and a firm, unyielding belief that their way is the only way, the better way.  We look down upon each other for having differing points of view, yet proudly claim we are the land of the free. You can not do both without also being an advocate of hypocrisy.  Adding to the sadness is that buried within all of this ugliness, are issues of importance and people trying to affect positive improvements.

I wish I had answers as to rebuilding this unbelievably beautiful country. But I don’t. I do know that within my lifetime, I may witness its collapse. As so many are simply too busy pointing fingers when we should be joining hands.

I feel a bit peevish at the moment. In a country with so many great people, we are showing our worst. No one wins with such ugliness and constant undermining. But while traveling this sad road to self-destruction, there are some of us that will remember the first word, and the most important word used when founding this  country: We.


Who Said I Have To Stop Eating Almonds In Bed?

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I’m going to express something that may seem mind altering and radical. I really don’t care what someone’s sexual preference is, and I really don’t understand why anyone else would care.

It’s only an issue, to the level that it is, as a result of people governing things they shouldn’t be governing. It’s an aspect of life that has been brutally invaded upon by others, regulated by others, and judged by others. And for the life of me, I don’t understand why. I don’t want anyone telling me I can or cannot own guns. Whether I do or do not own one isn’t anyone else’s concern. I don’t want anyone attempting to control what I do with my body; it is, after all, mine. And heaven help the person that tries to govern with whom I partner. After what I’ve been through – maybe I ought to consider women. Unfortunately, my inclination is toward men. However, it’s up to me, and should I ever choose to jump teams, then I want to retain the same rights I had when there was a lazy, lump of hairy testosterone in my bed.

I have to wonder if those same people who are doing the judging, would enjoy having their lives judged. I don’t want anyone prying into my personal business, telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Then, as a result of their disapproval, restricting my rights as a person. With all that is going on in our world, with mankind suffering as it is, and our government dangling on the precipice of disaster, this topic still manages to pop up. And of course it will, because once fundamental rights have been stripped away, there is the fight to regain them. That is, of course, the American way. The reason so many came to this great country: freedom. And those that have had their rights infringed upon, I pray, never stop fighting. Odd, isn’t it, that we as a country fight to help other countries regain their freedom, all the while, judging and curtailing the freedoms of our own. Freedom is, by its very nature, means to be free.

Truthfully, I can’t fathom the fact that such preferences have been dissected to the extent that they have. I wonder, what if, other aspects of our lives were likewise dissected and judged. What if, once again, it was a moral crime to fall in love with (or God forbid marry), someone outside of one’s social class? The thought sounds preposterous now, and yet, not so long ago…it was common place. People weren’t allowed to live life freely due to someone else’s idea of what was acceptable. I say, hold hands with whomever you wish. I’m happy they have someone’s hand to hold. It would be a far nicer world if we all had a hand to hold.

I feel it is up to us to decide how to live our lives. I guess that’s a crazy notion, as so many seem to have a hard time letting others live freely. What we do in our homes is up to us. I don’t want to peek into your home, and I surely don’t want you peeking into mine. I can’t say you would be all that startled if you did. You would most likely find me perched behind my laptop, my feet resting on a foul-smelling dog. You might, if you time it just right, catch me eating almonds in bed. I hope eating almonds in bed doesn’t become the next focus of concern, and in doing so, it’s decided (because the rule makers weren’t born liking almonds), that I shouldn’t either. Because I really do enjoy them. And from what I can tell, it doesn’t impact anyone, except me.

If we are to pry into strangers lives and homes, then let us look for the things that matter. If a child is going hungry, let us feed them. If a child is being beaten, let us rescue them. If a family is impoverished, then why can’t we then stick our noses in, and help them? As Voltaire said, “Tend your own garden.”