Rebel Spirit Empowerment from Within


A clothing company. For women. Empowering women.

From what are we rebelling? We’re rebelling against the belief that we need to look outside of ourselves for approval, validation or acceptance. We don’t need to meet anyone’s standards except those of our own. And when we do create those standards we should do so with love, basing them on the Divine beautiful beings that we already are – not someone else’s idea of what or who we should be. We were born Divine, no one can take or alter that truth. And if you are reading these words, then you too, have a purpose. And everything you need to fulfill that purpose is already within you, waiting for you to tap into it – waiting for you to believe in it.

It’s a liberating thing to stand in one’s own power, to believe in one’s own beauty, one’s own purpose, strength and wisdom. You are enough. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are vibrant, and no one can take these truths from you – except you. Its time to fear less and trust in yourself more. Its time to take back your power. And Rebel Spirit Empowerment from Within is here to support you while you do.

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