Sam & Diane on Rebel Woman Radio


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Diane Bucci is an author, speaker, and retail manager.  Her first book, The Return of Mikey, won an inspirational book award for the uplifting message in her late son’s biography.  Mikey was a successful autistic man who ended his own life after suffering a delusional episode, and Diane has done a lot of work with grief support groups.  Her subsequent books have focused on self-help and spiritual topics, but with a humorous twist.

Samantha Hoffman, along with her daughter Chloe Dutton, founded Rebel Spirit Empowerment from Within, a women’s empowerment clothing line. Clothing that reminds women of their purpose, power and potential. In addition, Samantha is a speaker, novelist and has authored over twenty-three children’s book. She also writes the award-winning blog, Insanity; A Writer’s Commentary.