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The Full Spectrum Mind


There’s a bit of a misconception regarding those who believe differently and see through optimistic eyes. And that misguided assumption, is that they have a foolish mind.

If someone wants to believe in the power of something other than what’s been derived from critical thinking, they are often seen as one who’s easily swayed by whim and folly. If one sees the divinity in a tree and wants only to preserve it, they are seen as passive. If someone values the power of the soul, the earth, the mind and the energy that dwells in all things, they are written off as quacks.

The true indicator of intelligence is one who’s unafraid to see the world through a broadened view; never ruling out the many possibilities that live beyond what has been proven and analyzed thus far. Even a scientist knows that conclusive findings are limited to the invention of tools used to discover the findings. When a new tool is created, one that surpasses its predecessor, then new conclusive findings are gathered – this cycle will never end, as there will always be more waiting to be discovered. What is true with science, and the far-reaching galaxies, is also true with life. All knowledge is limited to what we allow as possible. The greatest researchers in history knew: anything is possible.

And yet, if that same openness is taken into our conversations, one is easily scorned and treated as the fool for allowing their thoughts to flutter so loosely beyond the accepted norm. It is the smart mind that knows nothing new is discovered, nothing new is learned, unless the mind flutters into new territory. I find it interesting when listening to those that quickly render something impossible. Misguided, they feel they’re flexing their wisdom and personal power by limiting the situation and others. I don’t care if someone hugs trees or is a captain of industry, has a seat in public office or sits high upon a mountain in meditation – within all of these – there are the strong-minded and the weak-minded. The man tilling the soil can, and often does, possess the same intellectual mind as the man turning pages in a University library. The mind is powerful, when allowed. Many just refrain from the – allowing.

Those with a broad mind tend to keep their beliefs and opinions held close to their chest as they’re often scorned. But they aren’t scorned by those with keen intellects. They are scorned by those who’s minds are too weak to grapple with the possibility of new information. Like the child that won’t release their mother’s hand, those with a closed mind hold on too tight to only the knowledge that feels safe; they don’t want to go beyond the safety of primary colors.

Fear of knowledge is by far worse than limited knowledge. Presuming to know the answer, without hearing all the possibilities, is by far worse than never having an answer at all. Those who aren’t afraid to think expansive thoughts, are not feeble, nor passive. Those who hold true to their own intrinsic knowledge are mightier than those who rely upon the knowledge of others.


Post written to Alabama Shakes – Hold On