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Take Flight

Take Flight

What if the sole reason we are born into these bodies and living out these years is to discover who we want to be; not who others think we are; not who we think we ought to be; but to truly discover our authentic self. Personally, I feel this to be true. We are on a grand adventure of the soul. We tend to think our mind is the pilot leading the exploration. When not aligned, our beliefs so easily get turned around. Whereas the soul knows to simply live and be and experience the moment, the mind, if unaligned, can micro analyze the last drop of joy out of even the most divinely sent of occasions.

The mind is the vehicle. It can imagine, contemplate, dream and remember. And when used in this form the mind becomes the tool of the soul. In those moments one is doing the work of the soul – just as we are meant. Even some of the worst moments though, are brought about so the soul can reveal what its meant to experience. Often those moments are necessary shifts meant to spotlight something we weren’t willing to see. Those dreadful shifts are vital as they are intended to awaken us, and send us back in the direction of our joy.

Joy is one of the faces of God, in my opinion, as is love. Those shifts are meant to steer us back in the direction of living from the place of our authentic self. Our authentic self lives through the soul. Each soul is connected. Each soul is but one of the many threads in the expansive tapestry that is God. This is my belief. It is a belief that gives purpose to all this madness. It is a belief that feels right, and softens the hard words of my mind and the world around me. It is a belief that emerges from the seat of my soul.

I’ve struggled with depression on a perpetual basis for most of my life. I could say that depression is useless. I could also say that fear is without purpose. But my soul reminds me that fear is there to spotlight areas where we need to make a change. Fear is never to shape our life. It is there to show us something that is not in alignment with our authentic self. Fear shows us the blockages that hinder the soul’s flight back to joy. We need to discover these things if ever we are to clear the path and allow the soul to reconnect. And depression, the kind I know, is when the mind is busy suffocating the soul. Those moments of hopelessness show me that I’ve forfeited my freedom.

There is nothing more difficult than trying to breathe while held down by depression. I know the feeling of one’s lungs filling with despair. Soon, the face holds no signs of joy. The eyes are void of light. In those moments my mind has me held captive. I hit bottom. But the soul is strong, dear reader. The soul knows how to inhale even when stifled. If you are underwater, take note of why you are there. Take note of what freedoms you have convinced yourself you must relinquish. If you are like me, then there is a good chance those very things you feel are not allowed to you, the life you want to live but feel you can’t, are being shown to you – because they are meant for you.

Pull your arms upward. Shift your focus. Take note of what you’ve been shown and then move in that direction. If you do, you will emerge. Your lungs will inhale deep and joy will once again fall upon you. All of this is the exploration. All of it. Just remember the bigger the shift that is required, often the deeper the plunge into darkness and more cutting are the fears. Use these moments to see what you are meant to see. It is in these dark moments that you are being shown something crucial. Then, when the time is right, crawl into the cockpit. It’s your plane, take flight. I guarantee you that you will feel better once you do. Those emotions of yours are your compass. Love and joy are true North. Your soul was meant to fly, dear reader.  Use those darker moments to discover where you’re meant to go and who you are meant to be.