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And So This Is Christmas



So here we are, Christmas Eve. I tend to observe the holidays more than anything else. I find them to be an excellent snapshot into human behavior. Not that I’m judging the behavior. More so, I find it interesting.

It is a time when so many scurry to sit in church, even though they strive to have no communion with God on a daily basis. There must be something about the ritual though that soothes them. And that is good. A good glass of wine soothes me. Whereas, I tend to commune with God daily. Some might find my method a bit odd too. I’ll give them that.

If I could stop the clock and recreate this most unique of holidays, I would rearrange a few things. I would say the thing we do with unbridled enthusiasm isn’t to give to our children more and more objects. But instead, to take our children’s hands and help them wrap presents for those in need. I would say that instead of indulging in gluttony at the dinner table, that we give such a feast to those who would never have it otherwise. And I would say that when we want to carve out a moment to sit in the presence of God that we do so not where anyone can see us. But instead, we sit in the silence of the woods or by a stream. A place where God’s voice is whispered through the trees, not by man.

It’s an odd thing watching this holiday diminish before my eyes. As a child of the seventies, it had already taken a good hit by the time I had formed my first memory.

As I sit here, my house quiet; my dog asleep; candles lighting this sacred space I call my own; I have to wonder about the way in which so many celebrate the birth of Christ. This magnificent teacher gave his life for others, and yet more often than not we use this time to give no further than those under our roof. Am I the only one that notices the irony? Does our society need yet another reason to give to ourselves? Christ gave to others. He gave his life – if I remember correctly. And in his honor, in celebration of him, the masses give to those who already have so much – for the most part, ignoring those who are most in need.

I always cringe when I know my words are like that of a wet blanket. I too love giving to those I adore. But what if when we did, out of honor for Christ who’s birthday we are celebrating, we also gave to those that Christ would have helped?

I realize these are just the ramblings of one writer, but these thoughts rest behind every moment of recognition I have regarding this holiday. There is something divine when giving to someone in need; even when what we give is only that of a gesture or act of kindness. In those moments the air is infused with love – even if only briefly. What if on this most special of days, the only gift we gave was love? Save the expensive gifts and gadgetry for another day. But in honor of the one that wanted only to teach of the importance of walking daily with love, we gave love. That, dear reader, would make for a very Merry Christmas.

So, on that note, I give you a piece of my love. Know that in each of these posts, I am considering your feelings, your struggles and your deeper truths. I value you, and feel you deserve what love I can give. I hope you feel the purity of my love, and find peace this holiday, within yourself – because once found there – its found everywhere.


John Lennon – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)