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Let it Grow

Let it Grow

The decisions you make, the thoughts you think, these things, they are like seeds. And what you plant today will become your garden of tomorrow. Your life is your garden, largely, by your design. It is a joint effort. Things will come your way that are truly destined from above. Obstacles and joys. But as for the growth, as for the plants that you will one day love or loathe, they came from the seeds of your choosing. Moreso, they come from the intention behind the choice.

It is dangerously easy to get caught up in the flurry of today. We go through the motions and do our best to exist. We have days when things unfold well. We have days when all hell breaks loose.  We live in a reactionary state of being. Your mind is quite capable of reacting, and can do so in excess. Yet, it’s better at being purposeful. To put it another way, when we live in a reactionary state it’s because we never bothered to deliberately and carefully choose the seeds we were busy planting. From there, well before the first sprout emerged, we never tended the soil, either. We never put the time, energy or focus into creating fertile ground. When we spend our lives reacting, then subsequently pulling out weeds that seem unending, there is no space in our lives for our dreams to take root. We’ve filled the garden with doubt, day-by-day living and planning for the worst. But thoughts have a life all of their own. Every thought you have has energy. Each thought has the energy of intention. Intention forms the seed. Intention is what defines you.

As you move through life, and life moves through you, consider your thoughts. Think about your decisions. Are you making choices with the intention of squelching a fear? Are your dreams dictated by doubt? And when you make a decision is it to make other’s comfortable – if so, dear reader it’s because you are not comfortable with you. You are here for a reason. You occupy this space in time, using the flesh and bone vehicle that is you, with the mind and personality quirks that you have, for a reason. It is the filter your soul chose when it set out and wanted to experience this world. I believe that even our worst traits are given to us so that we can work through them. Many of those that enter your life are given to you for the very same reason. Some are heinous. Some are divine. Both are opportunities sought by your soul.  You are more than your mind. Remember that your mind is limited, your soul is not. Your soul gave you the choice and ability to plant whatever seeds you choose. Imagine if you had planted with purpose. And then when life threw you something dastardly, it would have landed upon solid, fertile ground.

Life is not so much about what rests before your eyes. It is about what rests behind your eyes. Sit with that idea, dear reader. Your thoughts are the offshoot of your intention. They are indeed powerful. Look at your intention, it reveals everything about who you are and where you are along your journey. It also reveals your future.

So with that I will leave you for today. Ask yourself the bigger questions. Not about others, but about you. And when it comes to your thoughts, think well. Start planting. The harvest you desire will grow, if you let it.