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Judge Me Not


We are so much more than the labels put on us or the numbers associated with our life. One’s salary, savings or lack there of. One’s house value. Years of education. Pants size, shirt size or dress size. One’s color should not put them automatically into a compartment. One’s gender should have nothing to do with how they fight, live their life or what type of partner feels most right to them. Who you are has nothing to do with the stats that may, or may not, be associated with your journey. Dear reader, can you sense how tired of judgement I am?

And yet, it’s a profoundly human reaction to judge others. To size them up and then render verdicts inside our mind about who they are and what they believe. I say the hell with that.

In starting this women’s empowerment clothing line, I’m continually coming up against other people’s ideas about what this company should be.  Often, I have to pull back, take stock of all the decisions that have brought me to this point, noting if I’ve stayed true to my core principles – No Judgement. So as I get judged, sized up and put into a box, I have a choice. Show up as my highest self or get down and dirty to prove my point.

Truth is, I don’t need to prove anything. Nor do you. Our clothing is for all women. Even women who aren’t sure if they want to associate as women. If you like it and speaks to you, wear it. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. Just know this, I have no desire to judge either way. I know how judgement feels. I know what it feels like to have someone take one look at me and size me up, incorrectly.

It took decades to shed the labels that have been thrown on me. Even the positive ones. I don’t like anything that limits. I’m me. I fumble and bumble my way along trying, always, to be my most authentic, best self. And when the impulse arises to judge another, and it always does, I try to harness the impulse before it develops into full-blown analysis and conclusion. It gets easier. Bottom line, if I don’t know you and you don’t know me. It should always start as a clean slate. Let me show you who I am by action and deed. Truth never can stay hidden. So give it time. Then decide.

This women’s empowerment clothing line doesn’t exclude anyone. Because all women could use empowerment in one form or another. Don’t be fooled to think otherwise. And I will continue to create affirmations that speak to all women, and do my damnedest to offer clothing that works for all women. It has been one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever undertaken. It may sound easy, but manufacturers don’t cater to all women. So finding something that works with a size extra small all the way up the line, and looks beautiful and is made of good quality materials, has been enough to turn my hair silver. There is no right or wrong in my book, except for that of exclusion and judgement. And damn these manufucturers like to exclude.

So dear reader, let’s all do our part to make this world a better place by judging less and loving more. Start with you. You can’t offer to others what you can’t first offer to yourself. Try not to limit someone because of their gender, race or socioeconomic situation. Try not to judge yourself by these things as well. We are all evolving. We are all fumbling and bumbling along; some more gracefully than others, yes. But we’re all still on a journey just the same. So be open. Be kind.

Am I a single mother, twice divorced with a business bankruptcy sitting in my past? Am I a victim of rape? Do I fight like a girl? How many degrees do I hold or funds do I possess?  How do you classify me? You don’t. I’m a spiritually guided soul who is doing their best in this world. There is no label or box that could ever fit me. And that’s just the way I like it and God intended me to be. Most likely the same holds true for you.




Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASPs), 1944

As many of you know, I’m a spiritual person; not only is it my walk, it’s been my life raft. It’s been the only lens through which I can view this world with love. It has been the only air pure enough for me to breathe. Love, to me, is the essence of God.

The ripple effect from love brings calm waters. The ripple effect from fear brings turbulence. We sail both. Life contains the dichotomy of All That Is.

Please know that this type of love is not the kind of unicorns and rainbows. It simply means honoring All, to the best of my ability. Life feels better when I do. I can breathe. I release the fearful inclinations to tighten and control. Instead, I let go and let it be. In that there is freedom.

Love thy neighbor as you would thyself. Many who profess great love for God and Christ breeze over this statement. Instead they judge one another mercilessly. They want to have their way be the only way. And when freedoms that do not fit within their preferences are granted others they cry out that their religious freedoms are at stake.

Such is not the case. They get to believe whatever and do whatever. And if they truly followed the teachings of Christ, they would allow others to do the same. One’s religious freedoms should never trump the life freedoms of another.

Life is an exquisitely detailed orchestration of events. Our beliefs are always proven out. So as I sit back and watch the unfolding of recent events in the news, I do so observing Life offering up one of its brilliant check-points: Christians being given the opportunity to live what they profess. Christ was, and still is, one of my most intimate teachers. It is through the eyes of Christ that I so often view my world. At times I cry with joy at what I see in the world around me, through these eyes. At times I cry from pain.

I have many loving teachers. All teach the same thing: Judge not. Love. And be love.

I will always do all I can to cause a ripple in the pond of life that leads towards acceptance and personal freedom. I want everyone to live the life of their choosing. This means following the beliefs that feel right to each. Being who they are without condemnation. God made us all. And in that we are perfect and exactly as we are meant to be.

Love who you are. Allows others to do the same. No shame. Just love. No control. Just freedom.


And So It Begins



Finally, a moment to sit and write. You may have wondered what I’ve been doing as of late. Surely it hasn’t been keeping up with the Insanity Blog. Which is something that’s troubled me greatly. It seems my course has shifted once again, though. And my days of late have been kept busy starting a new company. It’s a company built upon the stones laid from my writing and spiritual work. So, in that sense, I’ve been crafting Rebel Spirit for sometime.

This all came about during two major shifts in my life. As difficult as those moment were at the time, my soul – and now I – smile when I look back upon them. I firmly believe when we fail to lend a sensitive ear to the soft promptings of our inner guidance system, the Universe will inevitably enter in, and jockey things around. Much like if we were to continually ignore the GPS in our car when it says to turn left, the hand of God reaches down and moves us. In the moment the move feels like a tornado that has uprooted us, or worse, shattered us. Sometimes those moments are a gentle yield. Sometimes those moments are abrupt. I’ve worked many years training myself to listen to my inner voice. Sometimes I throw the blinker on early, feeling in advance the direction in which I’m meant to go. At other times I eye the road, doing more than one drive-by, while questioning the hell out of it, convinced it doesn’t look right. Those moments generally play out something like this: Inner self screams yes, mind screams no. Enter the hand of God.

Always, always, always go in the direction of your joy. More often than not, a clear view  will not be provided. There is a reason for that, though. Your joy is your connection to All That Is. And, All That Is, God, Universe – or whatever name you like – requires that you have faith. Faith means not seeing what rests around the corner. Faith says believe – then – it will be shown. And belief starts from within. There will not always be clear signs along the way. There will not always be people camped out on the roadside offering directions. But always, from within, you will know which way to go. Always from within you’ll find all you need to be, do and have the life that brings you joy.

Rebel Spirit is about providing you those reminders. Sticking with the metaphor above, Rebel Spirit will be a little bit GPS, a little bit road map, a little bit gas station attendant reminding you that you are on the right road; just keep believing, keep moving, keep smiling. Love yourself. Be yourself. Trust yourself. That’s what the journey’s all about.

Rebel Spirit will unfold in stages. To start it will offer wearable affirmations for women. I grew tired of writing down phrases that helped empower me, just to be out in the real world without them.

Rebel Spirit will be open for business once I’m able to gather enough rebel spirits to help support its mission. We will be starting with a small online store, but also a crowd-funding campaign. I have a lot of work to do. But I know, this is the direction in which I’m meant to go. I hope you’ll join me.

Sane a Rebel Spirit


Rebel Spirit


I am blessed; not because of the things that’ve come easily into my life or because things have always fallen into place. I am blessed because I’ve come to the point in my existence where I can see the larger picture. I know who I am.

I can see why those who support me have been brought into my life. And I can see why those who try to tear me down have entered in. I have come to the point where the work of my soul sits front and center within my mind’s eye.

Recently I stood before someone who took delight in attempting to throw me off-balance. In that moment, I felt my personal power slip from my hand. I would be lying, dear reader, if I said it didn’t sting. And although I didn’t play into the moment, the moment stayed with me for days. I prayed. Then I allowed myself to ask the questions that needed asking.

While we are busy paying our bills and turning the channel on the tv, Life remains busy trying to honor the requests of our soul. And our soul wants to experience, evolve and heal those things within us that have not been healed. This work takes lifetimes for the soul. Never once is it held against us, though. The mind keeps score, the soul does not. The soul stays steady on its journey, and silently beckons to the universe to bring another opportunity our way. The soul knows life gets better when we heal and expand. New doors are opened. New joys are found. Things we never believed were within our grasp suddenly land in our hand. The soul knows this. The mind, does not.

I am thankful for this person who mocked my sensitive soul. I am sensitive, no doubt. I am sensitive to the ways of this world and the gentle energies that surround others. I am strong enough to consider this a gift. This took decades. I spent much of my life feeling less than due to this gift. And this person touched upon that. However, this person reminded me of one of the reasons why my heart continues to beat – to remind you – to never hand over your power. The complete body of my spiritual work, all my writings, and projects have always been marked by one similarity: reminding you of your worth. I will never tell you its easy. But I will tell you that within you rests the strength to claim who you are. But first, you must know who you are.

Let me introduce you to the words that are yours to own, if you so choose: I am worthy. I am more than enough. The Divine rests within me. I am strong, even when I feel weak. I am guided by my inner source. And that source is part of the larger source that guides the waves, the stars and growth of leaves on a once snow-covered barren tree. I have a right to be happy; to feel love; to give love. I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am enough. 

When I looked at this person I saw the work his soul was attempting to do in him, but I also saw the work my soul was attempting to do in me.

Never hand over your power, dear reader. No one can take it from you unless you release it and hand it over. Never believe yourself to be less than. And most of all – remember – you are not alone. And if you don’t believe it, I’ll be around. And I will remind you.


Sex, Chocolate and Other Delectables


I don’t believe the only reason we’re here on earth is so that our souls can learn a new lesson. I believe in inner growth. I just don’t believe that’s all there is to it.

If that were so, then I have to wonder why the body and mind want so much to feel good; to be happy. We don’t require happiness to learn. To say we are here, as spiritual beings trapped inside human bodies, solely to learn and advance is like ignoring the use of color when viewing a painting. If it were as simple as that, why do we have taste buds? Heaven knows, we surely don’t need taste buds. And sex, for that matter, doesn’t need to be pleasurable, so let’s just get rid of all those nerve endings that can send the body and mind into those wonderful surreal places. We can surely proliferate the species without enjoying the process.

I have learned so much, and made so many spiritual strides in my four and a half decades, one would think I’d be the spiritual equivalent to Hercules. Whether in developing my true faith, or learning how to truly love, I keep advancing and becoming the full, whole being I know I need to be. But what about the emotions and sensory receptors that have no other purpose but for pleasure. Like color, they aren’t necessary, so why are they present? Our world doesn’t need color to exist. Yet, when viewing a multi-hued sunset, the mind’s introspection softens, while the eyes absorb such beauty. For what gain other than happiness.

Maybe our souls are here to learn that we are deserving beings that are meant to feel joy. Whether through the food we eat, or the glorious feeling of intimacy shared with another, or the euphoria of uncontrollable laughter. Not to mention the divine fullness felt within when we selflessly help another. Either way, we are given a vast palette of sensory receptors, by which to discover our own happiness. Happiness is the close-seated cousin to Love. They are never truly far from the other. And when we deny ourselves this happiness, we deny ourselves love. Like dropping out of school, resignation from the pursuit of happiness, always results in a downward spiral.  Our children, friends and family are just as disappointed with us when we drop out of life, as we are with them when they drop out of school. But no one feels more disappointment than we do within ourselves.

As I move forward, becoming a better person, a better friend and a better companion – I want to do so walking along the path of happiness. I’ve walked down the road of misery, and it was a lonely, lonely road. If misery and self deprivation were part of our intended purpose, then they wouldn’t feel so terrible. Instead nothing about those two things feels right, regardless of how hard we impose them upon ourselves – there’s a reason for that. Those feelings, both the good and the bad tell us a good deal of what we need to know. And I know this – I don’t want to deny myself the chance to feel good. Feeling good just plain feels good.  Nothing on the human body is without purpose, and nothing within our heart is there to not be fulfilled. If something or someone captures your heart and fills your body with life – there’s a reason. And if your body craves a certain flavor – take a bite.



Take Flight

Take Flight

What if the sole reason we are born into these bodies and living out these years is to discover who we want to be; not who others think we are; not who we think we ought to be; but to truly discover our authentic self. Personally, I feel this to be true. We are on a grand adventure of the soul. We tend to think our mind is the pilot leading the exploration. When not aligned, our beliefs so easily get turned around. Whereas the soul knows to simply live and be and experience the moment, the mind, if unaligned, can micro analyze the last drop of joy out of even the most divinely sent of occasions.

The mind is the vehicle. It can imagine, contemplate, dream and remember. And when used in this form the mind becomes the tool of the soul. In those moments one is doing the work of the soul – just as we are meant. Even some of the worst moments though, are brought about so the soul can reveal what its meant to experience. Often those moments are necessary shifts meant to spotlight something we weren’t willing to see. Those dreadful shifts are vital as they are intended to awaken us, and send us back in the direction of our joy.

Joy is one of the faces of God, in my opinion, as is love. Those shifts are meant to steer us back in the direction of living from the place of our authentic self. Our authentic self lives through the soul. Each soul is connected. Each soul is but one of the many threads in the expansive tapestry that is God. This is my belief. It is a belief that gives purpose to all this madness. It is a belief that feels right, and softens the hard words of my mind and the world around me. It is a belief that emerges from the seat of my soul.

I’ve struggled with depression on a perpetual basis for most of my life. I could say that depression is useless. I could also say that fear is without purpose. But my soul reminds me that fear is there to spotlight areas where we need to make a change. Fear is never to shape our life. It is there to show us something that is not in alignment with our authentic self. Fear shows us the blockages that hinder the soul’s flight back to joy. We need to discover these things if ever we are to clear the path and allow the soul to reconnect. And depression, the kind I know, is when the mind is busy suffocating the soul. Those moments of hopelessness show me that I’ve forfeited my freedom.

There is nothing more difficult than trying to breathe while held down by depression. I know the feeling of one’s lungs filling with despair. Soon, the face holds no signs of joy. The eyes are void of light. In those moments my mind has me held captive. I hit bottom. But the soul is strong, dear reader. The soul knows how to inhale even when stifled. If you are underwater, take note of why you are there. Take note of what freedoms you have convinced yourself you must relinquish. If you are like me, then there is a good chance those very things you feel are not allowed to you, the life you want to live but feel you can’t, are being shown to you – because they are meant for you.

Pull your arms upward. Shift your focus. Take note of what you’ve been shown and then move in that direction. If you do, you will emerge. Your lungs will inhale deep and joy will once again fall upon you. All of this is the exploration. All of it. Just remember the bigger the shift that is required, often the deeper the plunge into darkness and more cutting are the fears. Use these moments to see what you are meant to see. It is in these dark moments that you are being shown something crucial. Then, when the time is right, crawl into the cockpit. It’s your plane, take flight. I guarantee you that you will feel better once you do. Those emotions of yours are your compass. Love and joy are true North. Your soul was meant to fly, dear reader.  Use those darker moments to discover where you’re meant to go and who you are meant to be.