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Letting Fear Decide Your Fate


It should not take so long before finally breathing deep. Nor should it take so long before finally witnessing the light. But then again, the air of which I speak is not taken in through the lungs. And the light to which I’m referring is not seen with eyes.

The soul does not rely upon the same aids as does the physical body. The soul knows the steady place that is found when standing from a place of being, even when that being is standing on the edge. And yet, rarely do we lean into life with the security found in this innate place within each of us. Instead, more often than not, we let fear decide our fate.

We diligently shape our future using a mold defined by all that pained us from the past. The mind employs the reasoning that by doing so, we are avoiding further pain, disappointment and loss. And when focusing on the pain of life, the pains of life increase, thereby requiring that the box in which we push ourselves, grows smaller.

As many of you know, I do not damn fear. I see it as a beautiful tool. Much like that of any other indicator marking something warranting our attention. Don’t dismiss it. Witness it. View it with open eyes, then move on. Once it has our attention, it is of no further value. Its purpose is complete. But please remember, often the signal of fear reveals something requiring our attention inward, not outward.

Looking forward into this new year. Think for a moment upon what foundation you are creating your future. Is it from a place of love, knowing and hope. Or is it from a place tethered to fear-indicators from the past. When a bone is broken, pain shoots throughout the body pointing to that which needs our attention. We tend to the brake; the brake heals; we move on. Fear is much like the pain of a broken bone; vital in that it signals our attention. The soul knows this. The mind lost this knowing along the way, and allows the signal of fear to become the backdrop of our existence.

The other night, I asked someone quite special to me what he wants done upon his passing. He admitted that he didn’t know. I admitted that I did. When my time here is done, I want a celebration. I want those closest to me to look upon my life and see that it was lived and shaped from a place of love – not fear. I do not want my children looking upon my life and noticing all that I avoided for fear of what others would think; for fear of failing; for fear of not knowing how. Instead, while listening to my favorite music, drinking my favorite wine, I want their hearts to move with the love that was the current on which I floated through life. Fear isn’t the water. Fear is merely an outcropping along the stream. Don’t take your canoe out of the water and place it on this rock.

With every thought we think, we are shaping our life – dear reader, shape it with love – not fear.


Originally posted, January ’13

A Writer’s Take On Easter


I tried to busy myself this morning; tackling the long list of things I must get done. But the prompting to write was too great. Perhaps, someone out there is in need of what I’m about to say. So, I yield and remind you of this: Give thanks for this moment in your life. Even if your heart is breaking, your hands are empty, your future unsure – your’e being given the chance to start anew.

I want you to look at where you’ve been. Don’t romanticize. See clearly. Now look ahead. What do you want? Now is your re-birthing. Not only does nature provide us this example, but also a beautiful teacher who walked this earth many years ago. It is time to be reborn. But not with sadness. Not with bitterness. Look at this moment in your life and take from it the lesson you were meant to learn. Carve out now a more intricate blueprint of what you want.

You are given people, circumstances and things that are meant to help you better align yourself with who you are and what you are meant to be. Was the life you were living honoring your higher self? Often we blame everything outside of ourselves for how we feel, think and live. Yet no one, ultimately, has that power over us – unless we give it to them. And even then, we are still the gatekeeper. Generally, we have a long list of justifications as to why we allow in who and what we do. It is time to lay down the cross, and rise. Surrender the heaviness you carry and give it to All That Is. Do it with reverence. Now take a moment and appreciate how light you feel. You are light. Especially when we step out from under what once covered us.

We have a few very important things we are here to accomplish during our life. One of the most important is how we treat ourselves. Do you deserve to be loved through and through – yes. God wants that for you. This divine source is just waiting for you to see that too. Do you deserve a life full of joy – yes. You also deserve to feel good, to feel success, to feel energized.

Take this moment, and all the indications nature is providing, and start anew. Become born – again. And again and again, if need be. And often it needs to be. Maybe all this means is changing the way you think. Maybe this spring is your time to finally say – I can do that. I can stop blaming. I can see that all those things I encountered along the way have brought me to where I am – right now – and right now I see more clearly than ever before.

I can be loved. I can be cherished. I can be healthy. I can be successful. I can see the beauty in all things. I can see how the struggle is necessary in emerging strong. I can see how all my many days of pushing through have brought me to where I can finally see the light. I am doing alright. I have down days but I also have days when I feel up and alive. And I deserve to feel good. Right now, I love me. Right now, I will cherish me. Right now, I believe in me. Thank you – for freeing me.


Reach For It


There are those that propose that all one needs to do is think happy, then happiness will follow. Sounds simple. The fact that it’s near impossible has never escaped me. But what is possible is to think the best thought within every given situation. Even when doing so is difficult, doing so is not impossible.

Granted there are times when the best thought one can think is to think no thought at all. I had very few thoughts while my son was in brain surgery. I could not reach for happiness. The best I could do was to refrain from thinking the worst. And that’s what I did.

I don’t think its a wise thing to run from life, even when it gets ugly. Even when numb, try to be present. It’s my belief that any situation that has found its way before us, is one in which we are meant to be present. Maybe we won’t handle it with fluid ease or with the level of grace for which we’d like. But it is our life and ours to sink our fingers into. Sometimes it gets sloppy. But don’t run. And if you do, run toward life, not away.

And if you are afraid of making a mistake, I understand. Life is a serious endeavor. But it is also the playground for any happiness you hope to find. It must be lived. Storms do subside. But rarely do they pass over if we do not lift our head and give them our gaze. Live the moments given unto you. Own even your tears. They are yours. Some moments are rotten. Move through them. Don’t dance around them. Walk on. And while you are walking keep your head held high, reach for a better thought. You do not need to think of clowns and sunny skies. You just need to think of a better thought than the worst. Move up the ladder of thought from there. Do this not to trick your mind. Do this to bolster it and help it to fall into line with your soul.

I know fear. As do you. Most often it speaks the loudest during the night. Not because it holds more power during darkness but because it has more of your focus. There is nothing that can be solved by holding yourself prisoner to the orchestra of fear. It has your attention not because fate has struck you down, but because you are tired and you are scared. You’re scared that tomorrow might be worse than today, and you may not be able to handle what lies ahead. We all get tired and scared sometimes. Tomorrow is a new day, and with it comes your ability to reach deeper into your resolve.

If you are to let your thoughts rule your life, think well. Think the best thought you can. Tell yourself that maybe, just maybe, this time things will be better. And if they aren’t, there is always the time after that. Please understand that sometimes the best in life comes first by way of the worst. Know that. Make it your truth and it will diminish many of your fears, because you will view the storm as the possible precursor to better days, not the harbinger of your undoing.

Do not demand perfection from yourself, nor wait for it from life. If you are to demand anything let it be that you find joy in the little things; that you dig your hands into the makings of your world and shape it so that it pleases you. Try not to let fear control your clock. And if you are to wait for anything, suspend yourself and wait in the moments that make your heart smile. Those moments are the flowers along life’s road. Smell them. Make them your own. Now walk on.


Putting Out Fires

There’s no escaping the fire that burns inwardly. These damaged areas within ourself require our focus and dedication. Tending to the flames is a fruitless endeavor. And turning a blind eye will only result in a wild-fire that not only burns the house down, but takes with it those we love, as they stand close by. I know attempting such a feat may seem overwhelming and frightening, but I am here to tell you that you are stronger than you know. So run through the door of your inner being, head to that fixed point where things became inflamed. The fire began there. The fire will end there.

Over the course of the last few days I watched as an errant flame burned another, and two fires that are burning still today. Two I watched. One I felt.

Unresolved issues within the mind, heart or inner being, may seem almost insignificant as we often fall under the misconception that if tucked away, hidden from the world, no one will know, no one will be harmed. Rarely does it work that way. Instead, the broken pieces within us form scar tissue, misalignments within our being, and warped perceptions of our world. We begin to see and therefore shape our world based upon these unhealed parts within ourself. That which is left unhealed eventually becomes infected. And the infection spreads like wild-fire.

My father harbored many broken issues within himself; about which some he was in denial, some he was not. Those things that he chose to overlook found ways of expressing themselves through skewed actions and unbalance. I know, because I spent the greater part of my life having to heal from issues that weren’t mind from the start. Due to his issues, I had my own. Unless stopped, issues are passed down. The fire spreads from generation to generation. In the end my fire was engulfing, and I nearly lost my life. But one day I found the courage to walk into the fire of my own being. I walked out with my soul cradled safely in my arms.

I understand why we try to ignore these broken parts, no one wants to believe that they will ever adversely affect another. But adversely affect them they will. There is no other way. Even when we think our broken spirit that is painfully burning inside has been contained; it’s heat will be felt by all those we touch. It’s there, ever-present, burning down the house. A house will not stand for long, if the foundation is on fire.

At times within myself I feel a fire erupt. Some turbulent thing will blow my way, and stir up a small ember that still remains. But no longer do I turn a blind-eye or run from it. Instead, I turn toward it. Long gone are the days when I would sit powerless, watching myself become scarred. And long gone are the day where my home is uncertain due to fear of being burned. I’m not afraid to stomp out my own fires, and neither should you. But wisdom taught me that it is easier to deal with a small ember, than to put out a raging flame. So don’t ignore what’s going on inside.