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Putting Out Fires

There’s no escaping the fire that burns inwardly. These damaged areas within ourself require our focus and dedication. Tending to the flames is a fruitless endeavor. And turning a blind eye will only result in a wild-fire that not only burns the house down, but takes with it those we love, as they stand close by. I know attempting such a feat may seem overwhelming and frightening, but I am here to tell you that you are stronger than you know. So run through the door of your inner being, head to that fixed point where things became inflamed. The fire began there. The fire will end there.

Over the course of the last few days I watched as an errant flame burned another, and two fires that are burning still today. Two I watched. One I felt.

Unresolved issues within the mind, heart or inner being, may seem almost insignificant as we often fall under the misconception that if tucked away, hidden from the world, no one will know, no one will be harmed. Rarely does it work that way. Instead, the broken pieces within us form scar tissue, misalignments within our being, and warped perceptions of our world. We begin to see and therefore shape our world based upon these unhealed parts within ourself. That which is left unhealed eventually becomes infected. And the infection spreads like wild-fire.

My father harbored many broken issues within himself; about which some he was in denial, some he was not. Those things that he chose to overlook found ways of expressing themselves through skewed actions and unbalance. I know, because I spent the greater part of my life having to heal from issues that weren’t mind from the start. Due to his issues, I had my own. Unless stopped, issues are passed down. The fire spreads from generation to generation. In the end my fire was engulfing, and I nearly lost my life. But one day I found the courage to walk into the fire of my own being. I walked out with my soul cradled safely in my arms.

I understand why we try to ignore these broken parts, no one wants to believe that they will ever adversely affect another. But adversely affect them they will. There is no other way. Even when we think our broken spirit that is painfully burning inside has been contained; it’s heat will be felt by all those we touch. It’s there, ever-present, burning down the house. A house will not stand for long, if the foundation is on fire.

At times within myself I feel a fire erupt. Some turbulent thing will blow my way, and stir up a small ember that still remains. But no longer do I turn a blind-eye or run from it. Instead, I turn toward it. Long gone are the days when I would sit powerless, watching myself become scarred. And long gone are the day where my home is uncertain due to fear of being burned. I’m not afraid to stomp out my own fires, and neither should you. But wisdom taught me that it is easier to deal with a small ember, than to put out a raging flame. So don’t ignore what’s going on inside.