More Than You Know


It is a hard thing for me, at times, to admit to my own beauty. It is far easier for me to admit to the beauty I own on the inside than the beauty I own on the out. My beloved used to share words about what he thought of my outward beauty. I often wondered if I could ever appear as beautiful as he seemed to believe me to be. I do feel, however, that one’s inner beauty shines through. I’d like to think that is what he saw in me.

I think this is true for everyone, though. And it is why I work so hard to remind others to look at themselves fondly. To see within themselves their self-worth. To look at all their intricacies and even struggles as something of value, as it all adds up. In the end, every bit and piece creates the whole. If we view ourselves with a forgiving, understanding eye, our perception changes. We then see beauty even in our frailty. I hope when someone looks deep within my hazel eyes they see more than just flints of gold and green and amber. I hope they see that I am a kind soul. And when I smile, I hope others feel the warmth as it is never a smile given in vain.

But it is up to us to decide our beauty. Likewise it is up to us to decide our worth. This great exploration of the soul, this journey that each of us is on, is about making choices. I say make the choice that feeds the soul. And your soul, dear reader, can be no less worthy, nor can it be no less divine than the source from which it came. So let your soul shine through.

When I look at others I tend to see their many layers; the layer of the psyche, the layer of the emotional system; the layers of their past and yes, the layer of the soul – often resting far behind. But the soul does not need to be hidden. True, it is your most intimate being but it is also your strongest. Your soul is stronger than you know.

So as you look at yourself today, do so with a kind eye. If you see a tired face, realize your life is in transition. Where you think you’re fighting against the world or circumstances beyond your control, step back and be sure you’re not fighting against Fate and your soul. If you see eyes that are void of life, then choose to gaze upon those things that delight you. Most of all see your worth. Look inward and look deep. Look inward at all that you have done. Maybe you see only your shortcomings and failures. Look deeper. Today is a new day. Today you get to choose again. Life is helping you identify those things you want in your life. Choose well. Choose as if God were choosing for you.

And please remember, dear reader, that life mirrors our perception of ourselves. So, see how amazing you have been and can be. See all that you have overcome. It all took strength. See your courage. There is beauty in all of that. It is what I see when I look upon myself. And I do hope it is what shines through when others see me.


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